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Exclusives! Tim Williams/21st Mortgage Corp, Kenny Lipschutz/Brookside Companies/ HomeFirst™ Certified Communities, Leigh Abrams/Drew/Lippert 

November 10th, 2017 Comments off

advocateFEMAmanufacturedHousingUnitsInLeosPark4250BlontRdBatonRougeLA-ManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews720It’s safe to say that no publisher in the modern history of manufactured housing has interviewed more professionals about industry focused issues than MHProNews and MHLivingNews.

It’s equally safe to say that in the last two years, there’s been no trade publisher that has explored the issues in a clear-eyed, politically incorrect fashion, that invites others to respond, to share differing or other viewpoints, and can do so on and off the record.

We’ve begun what we will unveil now as the True State of the Manufactured Housing Industry in 2017.

This is planned as an ongoing, periodic series of issue-focused reports.

Flashback, Fast-Forward Reports

When someone ‘discovers’ how amazing manufactured homes today truly are, one of the common questions are, why isn’t the industry doing much better than it is?

That’s such a common question, that begs for answers based upon factual analysis.

FEMA, Manufactured Housing Industry’s Gift that Keeps Giving?

To know why you are where you are, one must look back at the road travelled.  The facts alone can provide the path to understanding.

Thousands Come, Manufactured Home Shoppers Attend MMHA’s Novi Home Show

With understanding based on some history, and from a variety of viewpoints, then issues and opportunities can be honestly addressed.

“Mobile Home Fires,” “Free Smoke Detectors,” 1 of 1000s of Examples Why Terminology, Informed Media Important to Manufactured Home Industry Professionals

The following Cup of Coffee articles will be presented for those reasons, but others too.×60-single-section-manufactured-home-selling-for-150000-is-a-bargain/

A Moment in Time

One of the most popular reads MHProNews for years has been “A Cup of Coffee with…” interviews.

Our method was simple, and thus, compelling.  We forced no answers, they were all freely given.  Questions were emailed.  Those who participated took several days, sometimes weeks, to reply. They were making sure that they liked their answers.

Some asked after we re-launched the new version of our website last summer, what happened to those interviews?

You’ll see, they never went away.  They were tucked away, until starting today.

Against that introduction, as part of our flashback, fast-forward look at the True State of the Manufactured Housing Industry in 2017, we present these three selected Cup of Coffee interviews. Other than a line in red that was inserted, they are as originally published.


Tim Williams, 21st Mortgage Corp.





Kenny Lipschutz.




Leigh J. Abrams.




Canadian ECN Capital Signs Agreement to Acquire Triad Financial Services, Inc.

We’ll return to, and reference these interviews linked above in the days ahead.  Until then, keep in mind that Warren Buffett says that reading is perhaps his most important habit.


Leaders are readers.  Learn, ponder, and enjoy. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, commentary – celebrating the start of our 9th year.)

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Dem, GOP Establishments Quake, Nov 7, 2017 Voting in Shadows of Scandals, Shakeups 

November 6th, 2017 Comments off

PoliticoCNNClintonCampaignDemocraticNationalDNCRobbedSandersNominationDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsDodd-Frank. Tax reform. ObamaCare “repeal and replace.” Numerous issues of importance to manufactured housing professionals could be influenced by the shakeups taking place on both sides of the D/R political divide.

The GOP is watching as veteran senators and congressional representatives are announcing they will not seek reelection.

With a mostly left-tilting mainstream media, per third party research such as what’s shown linked here, it’s the GOP splits that tend to make more headlines.

But on the Democratic side, there are fractures too.  They can’t be over-emphasized, as in both the Senate and House, Democrats tend to hang together on the partisan issues.

Yet, it’s the growing scandals coming out of the 2016 race that threatens to upend some big names in Democratic politics.

The four videos shown – two from left-of-center media outlets, and two from right-of-center Fox Business – provide snapshots on issues raised last week on the Daily Business News on the Donna Brazile revelations, as well as some insights from MSNBC on how the so-called Russian dossier was bought and paid for mostly by the Clinton campaign, and the DNC.

With voting tomorrow, 2018 and 2020 on political insiders minds, these developments could shake up the Democratic landscape as much as Donald Trump has shaken up the Republican Establishment.

MHProNews is making no specific predictions or endorsements on the deep blue NJ gubernatorial contest or the VA governor’s races.

However, the VA race is in the margin of error, in a battleground state. The winner of that one will talk up that victory by whichever side wins.

We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, Analysis.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for