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Smoke and Mirrors Immunity Deal for Allen Weisselberg, Longtime Trump Organization CFO, Plus MH Market Updates

August 24th, 2018

CNNmoney8.24.2018ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsIt’s just pure politics” said Democratic strategist and former Bill Clinton pollster, Doug Schoen. He was speaking of some of the legal maneuvers begin used against President Donald J. Trump, which he said on Fox Business this evening is taking away from a clearly great economic message that the GOP has under the 45th president’s leadership.  We’ll look at the latest ‘purely political’ announcement, namely, that Allen Weisselberg, longtime CFO for the Trump Organization, was given an immunity deal.  Don’t read too little or much into the immunity announcement, as you’ll see further below.


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • Gap posted a profit, so why did the stock tumble?
  • This small company liked Trump’s tariffs. Now it’s fighting to keep its factory open
  • Fed chairman defends steady interest rate hikes
  • Papa John’s thanks customers for their anger in new ad
  • Tech companies are meeting to talk about protecting the election
  • Discount brokerages face a new threat: JPMorgan
  • Lamborghini unveils an even faster Aventador supercar
  • Move over, Intel. AMD rules in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street
  • Trump says impeachment would crash the market. Really?
  • America’s banks have never made more money
  • The maker of the AK-47 wants to sell electric cars
  • How the 2018 summer box office bounced back
  • Trump props up false claim that big tech is out to silence conservatives
  • Facebook removes Syrian war page it believes is linked to Russian intel, Twitter keeps it online
  • Amazon bans the sale of a guidebook for 3D printing a gun
  • Waymo sets up shop in China
  • Tesla investor to Musk: Don’t go private. Stock could be worth $4,000
  • Jaguar to make an electric version of 1960s sports car the E-Type
  • VW accused of ruining Mexican crops with ‘hail cannons’
  • Sears is closing another 46 stores. Here’s where
  • How McDonald’s solved its Happy Meal problem
  • How have Americans fared financially under Trump?
  • Facebook has suspended over 400 apps after Cambridge Analytica scandal
  • Apple’s Tim Cook is about to get a $120 million payday
  • Airbnb adds its first female board member
  • Microsoft now has a ‘Defending Democracy Program’
  • SPAM maker Hormel gets burned by tariffs
  • Dozens of CEOs ask Trump administration not to change immigration policy
  • Starbucks will let employees split their time at a nonprofit
  • Gig economy workers need benefits. These companies are popping up to help
  • As California firefighters battled the state’s largest wildfire, Verizon throttled their data

Select Bullets from Fox Business

  • Here’s how Chicago plans to fix its $28B pension deficit
  • Stocks rise as Fed’s Powell says economy is strong
  • Fed chair Jerome Powell says more rate hikes likely
  • Treasury squashes SALT workaround in high-tax states
  • Iconic New York City coffee shop closes after rent, higher wages take a toll
  • Victoria’s Secret to close 20 stores as sales weaken
  • T-Mobile cyber breach exposed data of 2 million customers
  • Divorce and money: Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Magic mushrooms to treat depression? This Peter Thiel-backed startup just got FDA okay to begin trials
  • Ferraris, Bugattis and BMWs hit the auction block for millions
  • Sears adds to closures – shares fall to record low
  • Former Macy’s CEO: America needs to shrink its retail space
  • Papa John’s begins diversity training after controversial founder’s gaffe
  • Amazon can’t compete with this brick-and-mortar experience
  • Retail renaissance: These stores thrive in ‘new’ retail environment
  • VW to launch all-electric car sharing in Berlin
  • New Mexico utility seeks to join western energy market
  • Putin says latest US sanctions senseless
  • Iconic New York City coffee shop closes after rent, higher wages take a toll
  • Trump’s tax cuts spurs historic small business optimism: Linda McMahon
  • States where $100 goes furthest: report
  • 2 out of 5 Americans are unable to handle an emergency $400 expense
  • Top 10 highest-paying jobs in the US
  • JPMorgan to offer free online stock trading service
  • Goldman Sachs to cover breastmilk shipping costs for new moms
  • Only banks should continue with quarterly earnings reports: Signature Bank Chairman
  • Ferraris, Bugattis and BMWs hit the auction block for millions
  • Collectors flock to Pebble Beach to pay millions for used cars.
  • Highlights from classic car auction in Pebble Beach
  • Indiana candidate’s outsourcing ties magnified under Trump
  • Trade dispute worries automakers

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Last July 13, Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General of the Department of Justice (DoJ) said in part the following, at the time indictments were announced against Russians for election tampering. “There’s no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.” The DoJ transcript also said that the indictment “…does not name any American…”

The 45th president is an American, as were the members of the Trump Campaign. What that statement in July meant then was exactly what it said.  There was no allegation nor evidence that an American conspired with Russians to influence the election.

So then what is the hoopla all about?  It’s to energy – or suppress voters – who may or may not be following the fine details of what’s actually taken place. Or as Schoen said, “It’s pure politics.”

It is also underhanded politics.

CNBC interviewed a NYTimes editor today who said that when there are this number of immunity deals being handed out, in his experience, that signaled something bad is coming for the president.


Some may recall this blast from the past.

At least five Hillary Clinton aides received immunity deals in FBI probe of her email and classified information related scandal. One of those was Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff, said a 2 year old story on the Washington Examiner. To date, nothing has happened to Secretary Clinton.

With that backdrop, the information from CNBC takes on a somewhat different light.

  • Allen Weisselberg, longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, has been granted immunity by federal prosecutors as part of their investigation into President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, NBC News reported Friday, citing multiple people with knowledge of the matter.
  • On Tuesday, without using Weisselberg’s name, federal prosecutors accused him in a document of instructing an unidentified Trump Organization employee to reimburse Cohen for hush-money payments to one of two women who claimed they had extramarital affairs with Trump.
  • The immunity grant to Weisselberg, who is referred to as “Executive 1” in the Manhattan federal court documents, adds to the legal woes of the president.

Investors, don’t panic. This is for emotionally mailable, low information voters. The pundits and talking heads were mostly wrong in 2016. They were wrong in 2015.

They can be wrong again in 2018 too if you turn out and Vote.

One more point.  For those who think this will force the president to resign, think again. With all of these anti-Trump steps, why would President Trump step away from the power of Oval Office?  He’s playing it shrewdly.

A related report is linked below.

Stunning Degree of Corruption, Collusion, Manipulation, and Ignorance Threatens MHVille

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