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RV/MH Foundation Issues Challenge for Debt Elimination Campaign

March 27th, 2015

rv_mh_debt_elimination_challenge_thermometerIn response to the Kevin Clayton Debt Elimination Campaign challenge established last September to help the RV/MH Heritage Foundation become debt free in five years, donors to the manufactured housing sector have raised $522,573, following Clayton’s kickstart pledge of $200,000.

With a goal of $1 million, Clayton has issued a challenge to the RV (recreational vehicle) industry to match the $1 million MH commitment. The prize for whichever industry reaches the million dollar goal first is to dump buckets of ice on the head of foundation president Darryl Searer.

Searer says, “Just the thought of it runs shivers up my spine, but it’s for a good cause and will be worth it to finally see the Foundation debt free. So far, as MHProNews has learned, the MH industry is far ahead of the RV’s $45,500.

Searer joined the Foundation three years ago when the debt was $5.5 million and the future was questionable. As a result of his leadership, the debt has been reduced to $2 million.

He says, “As the generosity of the RV and MH industries continues, these last two fundraisers will finally put us over the top and guarantee the Foundation’s long-term sustainability. For the first time since we started down this road, we can finally see the finish line.

To make a pledge, contact the Foundation at ##

(Image credit: RV/MH Heritage Foundation)

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