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Propaganda? Fighting Fire with Fire? Controversial Trump TV Debuts

August 9th, 2017

Trump TV, Credit,

Pat Buchanan, like Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), believes that the sabotage of the presidency is well underway.

But the Washington Post says that Trump TV  “sounds more like real propaganda.”

Kayleigh McEnany, who has been plying her trade as a pro-Trump pundit on CNN for a while, jumped ship to the Trump Team over the weekend,” reported the Washington Post. And Sunday, she debuted on “Trump TV…

The White House pressroom tells MHProNews daily about their perspectives on what is real and what is “fake news.”

And the president tweets his thoughts to the millions willing to check those tweets out.

The White House tells MHProNews that the clash of the left wing’s #resist – vs. what the Trump Administration is calling “real results” – are occurring in spite of a largely biased media is underway.

Flashback, Flash Forward

Before there was Donald Trump, there was conservative commentator and GOP hopeful, Patrick J. Buchanan.

Buchanan served in the Nixon Administration. The “Silent Majority” was a slogan in those days, and one that President Trump has used too. Many of Buchanan’s themes in prior election cycles were similar to those of President Donald J. Trump’s successful run in 2016.


Pat Buchanan, Former Assistant to the President for Communications. Credit, Media Matters of America.

Buchanan – like a number of other conservative TV, columnists or talk radio hosts – has largely cheered the reality TV star, real estate mogul, outsider candidate turned president.

But now, Buchanan is concerned that the “Swamp” of Washington DC and the “Deep State” could swallow up and derail the 45th president. There are even sources that whisper fears that a literal assassination attempt could be coming.

In that dramatic backdrop, Trump TV debuted this past weekend.

The first episode is shown above. “We Provide, You Decide.” ## (News, Analysis)

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