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“Po-Dunk” – Kid Rock’s Video – Features Camo “Double Wide Trailer House”

July 27th, 2017

Po-DunkKidRocksMusicVideoDoubleWideTrailerHouseManufacturedHomeDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsKid Rock is the $80 million dollar net worth country-rock-pop-music icon, who may be running for the U.S. Senate.

In an upcoming feature on MHLivingNews, the spotlight will be on this star who is happy to live in a multi-section manufactured home.

In fact, his camo manufactured home is prominently featured the music video “Po-Dunk,” along with his Rolls Royce and private jet.

The home is sited on his property near Nashville, TN, says Rockfeed.

The multi-million view music video below has some salty “R” rated language in a few places, and is suggestive.

But the video also tells a tale of poor whites and blacks, whose single-section manufactured homes are often seen in the background.

A church, the U.S. flag, and firearms are all boldly on display.


Though Kid Rock’s use of the term “double-wide trailer” in interviews is less than ideal, he may be taking an ‘in your face’ attack at those who – like President Donald J. Trump – aren’t speaking up for the forgotten.

It’s those “irredeemable deplorables,” as Secretary Hillary Clinton called them in her 2016 campaign, who are featured in this video.

Surely, all these symbols in the video are no coincidence?

Watch for our upcoming feature on MHLivingNews.  Our publisher hopes you will quickly see why this may prove to be a powerful way to promote manufactured homes to millions of Americans: rich, poor or in between. # #

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