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Planning Commission Approves Siting of Two Manufactured Homes

July 27th, 2016

manufactured-home   archerland2005 back slash Flickr postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe Sterling, Colorado City Council will hold public hearings on conditional use applications for two lots on which the owners want to site manufactured homes that will be rental properties, as journal-advocate informs MHProNews.

Lillian and Ed Buck, appearing at at a Sterling Planning Commission meeting earlier this month, and were informed both homes, which were made in 2000, require conditional use permits as Class B manufactured homes. If the homes were new, permission would not be required from the city.

Neighbor Doug Robinson objected to the proposal, saying the couple should have contacted the neighborhood, noting that other neighbors raised similar objections. Although Robinson voiced concerns about a decline in property values resulting from the MH, there is a similar MH on a neighboring lot.

The Bucks said they intend to keep the homes well maintained, as they do with other rental properties in the community.

The commission voted to recommend approval of both applications, and suggested Mr. Robinson bring his concerns to a city council meeting. ##

(Photo credit: archerland2005/flickr–manufactured home)

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