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Orlando, Post Irma – Sewage, Power Outages, Alligators, Localized Flooding, and MHI’s Meeting

September 14th, 2017
Post Hurricane Irma Flooding

Still from video, credit, Orlando Sentinel.

Floridian ‘refugees’ from Hurricane Irma tell MHProNews that there are reported possibilities of flooding of one or more rivers north of Tampa which may cause a temporary closure of I75.

As post-Irma rivers swell, for those traveling by car or other vehicles, it is advisable to check road conditions to obtain your best and safest route.

Per the Orlando Sentinel, power outages are yielding some interesting by products; such as raw sewage going into lakes and waterways (see video).

Other media have reported alligator sightings are up, and large numbers are still without power.  That includes businesses tied to the tourism industry.

OTR From MHI Members

Expect to hear after the [annual] meeting that the reason that attendance is down was Irma,” a ‘well connected’ Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) member told MHProNews.  “But it was possible that the attendance would have been down anyway, just as was the [MHI] Washington, DC Fly-in.”

Several members inform the Daily Business News (DBN) that they are going.

But some indicated they wished that MHI would reschedule the event. “I heard that Disney is pushing MHI to move ahead, since they are open,” a reliable source said was the word from the Arlington, VA organization.

But a board member stated that “it makes me sick” that MHI would not realize the “insensitivity” of holding a meeting this close to such a major tragedy in the Sunshine State.

They are tone deaf,” said another.


Is it About the Money?

It’s about the revenue, they have a hefty fee for each event,” a member stated. While it was first raised about a different topic, does Marty Lavin’s dictums shown above apply as well to this scenario?

DougGormanICantImproveOnWhatMarkWeissMHARRPresidentCEOHasSaidanufacturedHousingIndustryVoices-MHProNews (1)

Multiple MHI award winner Doug Gorman has called for Pam Danner, a personal friend of his, to be replaced as the head of the HUD Code Manufactured Housing Program. While MHI postures the desire for change, why aren’t they making the one common sense request that would make change a reality? This is an issue that MHI member factories, retailers and communities are among those pondering the question, for more click the graphic above.

It’s one thing for the Florida [Manufactured Housing] Association to have a meeting post-Irma, that may even make sense in terms of sharing insights and lessons learned,” a community operator said. “But MHI?  Come on.”


Pam Danner, JD, as head of the manufactured housing program, ought to be the replaced, as has occurred with other Obama Administration hold-overs. Sources say that without MHI support, Danner could not still contain her role. For an in depth view of the various disconnects between MHI’s stated position and reality checks, click here.

What accomplishment will MHI point to for their members that do attend? Will the association finally state their reasons for their de-facto support of Pam Danner?  Will they address recent concerns raised by industry professionals in and out of MHI? ## (News, event, analysis.)

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