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NW City Addressing Community Closures Proactively

January 12th, 2016

Oregon_Springfield_mayor_christine_lundberg__kvaltv_lundberg_mayor___springfieldThe 22 manufactured home communities that comprise an estimated 1,400 households in Springfield, Oregon are considered at risk if the property should become repurposed, according to kvaltv. Mayor Christine Lundberg, in her state-of-the-city address, proposed an initiative to deal with the possible displacement of MHC residents should this occur.

That’s why I requested that Manufactured Home Park Closure and Tenant Displacement Collaborative be designated as an Oregon Solutions Project and Governor (Kate) Brown agreed,” Mayor Lundberg said. She and Vicki Walker, the state director of rural development, have been chosen by the governor to head up a group of business and community leaders to study options in the event of MHC closings.

The collaborative plans to hold an organizational meeting at the end of the month, and may develop policies that affect the entire state. Springfield is part of the larger Eugene, OR metropolitan area in west central Oregon, as MHProNews understands. ##

(Photo credit: kvaltv–Mayor Christine Lundberg, Springfield, Oregon)

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