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Nobility Homes Improves in 2014 Q1

March 17th, 2014

For the first quarter ending Feb. 1, 2014, Nobility Homes, Inc. (NOBH) reports sales increased 23 percent to $4,191,429 over the $3,401,667 for the comparable period in 2013. Net income based on those sales after taxes increased to $103,402, well above the $4,845 for the same period of 2013. Working capital is $20,733,501, according to, stockholders’ equity is $35,319,524 and there is no outstanding debt. As reported Friday, March 14, the stock of the manufactured home producer closed at $11.65, but has advanced in today’s trading (March 17) to $12.00. Nobility is headquartered in Ocala, Florida. ##

(Image credit: Nobility Homes, Inc.)


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