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Next Negative Media Freight Train is Coming towards Manufactured Housing

January 30th, 2016

SeattleTimesNextRoundofManufacturedHousingMediaWarA number of informed sources are telling MHProNews that the Seattle Times is about to launch their next story targeting Berkshire Hathaway companies and through them, the manufactured housing industry.

According to the most recent of these sources, their next story on manufactured housing could be published “any day now.”

The attack stories are widely viewed by industry insiders as having as a key goal the derailing of S 682.

The Daily Business News will be monitoring these and other related developments. MHProNews and/or MHLivingNews are preparing to follow up, based upon the nature of the latest claims and their (in)accuracy.

Two of prior reports on the subject are linked below. ##

Democratic Lawmakers want DOJ to Investigate Clayton Homes, lenders in wake of Seattle Times/BuzzFeed report

Lies, Advocacy Journalism and Statistics – Seattle Times/BuzzFeed Attacks, Warren Buffett’s Clayton Homes Defends – charges of Racism and Discrimination – Critical Analysis

(Image credit, Seattle Times Logo with MHProNews Media War graphic, the Seattle Times logo is their property, and is utilized above under ‘fair use’ guidelines.)

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