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New Delays in Dublin Modulars for Homeless

February 26th, 2016

dublin_modulars__player.98fmUpdating a story MHProNews has been following with over a dozen posts since Oct. 28, 2015, player.98fm reports from Dublin, Ireland, the modular units to house the homeless have been hit with another delay in Ballymun.

Initially scheduled for 22 homes to be ready for occupancy by Christmas, the project has seen a series of harsh weather-causing delays as well as work stoppage protests by neighbors of the placement who assert the land is for low-income housing. There have also been threats of damage and harm to the equipment and some workers, respectively, by ski-masked ruffians.

The goal of the Dublin City Council is to site up to 500 modular homes in different parts of the city, as the homeless population continues to grow. Residents in other neighborhoods of the city are also objecting to the modulars through meetings with officials and representatives, some to the point of threatening legal action, as well as demonstrations at the sites.

Now, the completed 22 modular homes to be sited in Poppintree at Ballymun, last delayed until the end of Feb., have been set for completion mid to end of March.

In the meantime, a non-profit organization, Right2Homes, has offered to build the homes given the land and fast track planning permission. ##

(Photo credit:player.98fm–a proposed modular home for the Dublin homeless)

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