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Montana County Tightens Restriction on Manufactured Homes

March 31st, 2015

mh foreclosure   gfhomesandland creditMHProNews has learned from mtsandard the Butte-Silver Bow Planning Board in Montana voted 5-0 that no more pre-HUD Code homes (MH) be allowed to site in the county, although those already existing would be grandfathered in and allowed to stay.

MH built between 1976, when the federal government mandated construction standards, and 1994 could only be sited in licensed manufactured home communities. Planning staff said the recommendations are based on safety considerations and a 2006 Montana state report.

Commissioner Jim Fisher said restrictions on older homes exist in other cities, but not in Butte, and that is why many older ones are locating here.

Additionally, under the proposed revisions, any multi-section home built after 1994, when construction standards were updated, could be sited in any residential zone. Single section homes built after 1994 “would be allowed in mobile home zones, suburban mobile home zones and other residential zones if they meet certain conditions. These “conditions” were not specified in the proposal. All changes must be approved by the full council before they take effect.

County commissioners in November, 2014 blocked a couple’s plans to establish a six homesite community despite the planning department’s opinion that all zoning regulations had been met. The couple decided the expense of challenging the ruling would be too great, although they had already spent thousands on utilities and land preparation for the sites. ##

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