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Money Taken for Modular Homes, Promises Broken

February 27th, 2016

Anthony_hemphill__scam_in_fla__media_dot_graytvinc__creditOkaloosa County, Fla. Sheriff’s Deputies say 58 year-old William Hemphill and his son, Anthony Hemphill, 38, have admitted their guilt in a conspiracy to defraud non-profits, according to wjhg.

The Crestview father and son told organizations that the company they represented would provide new modular homes if the non-profit would pay for shipping and setup. Money would be wired to their account but the homes would not be delivered.

The Department of Justice tells MHProNews the scam earned the two men $300,000. ##

(Photo credit: media.graytvinc–Anthony Hemphill)

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