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MHC May Finally be Completed

June 28th, 2012

Following up on a story we published Sept. 23, 2011 concerning Edgeway Mobile Home Park in Middleboro, Massachusetts and the decade-long plus battle between the family owners and the Board of Selectmen over the construction of the community in 1995 that was never completed, the Superior Court judge who has been overseeing an agreement between the MHC owners and the town will likely appoint a court-appointed administrator to take charge of Edgeway. SouthCoastToday tells MHProNews the MHC’s license was revoked in 2004 for health and safety violations, and since former Edgeway owner Wayne Williams died in 2006, his son Corey Farcas has been running the MHC, but residents have racked up numerous complaints about drainage, ventilation, and outside lighting. Town manager Charles Cristello, noting the town board rulings and multiple court hearings over the years, says, “Apparently the court is fed up with the heirs (of former Edgeway owner Wayne Williams) and wants an administrator appointed, someone who will take over and run things.” The owners’ stated goal is to re-license the MHC so it can be sold to settle the estate.

(Photo credit: Edgeway Mobile Home Park)

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