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Manufactured Home Industry Groups Fighting Hard, Meanwhile, a Man Died

January 18th, 2019



We as an independent manufactured home producer’s association have often worked successfully with resident groups, on issues of mutual interest. We don’t deal with community related issues directly. I believe that people of good will may agree or disagree on details, and still have mutual respect. Let me express my sincere condolences to those touched by the loss of Ed Speraw.” – Mark Weiss, JD, President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform.


It goes without saying among numbers of manufactured home community (MHC) owners and managers, that activist resident groups are often viewed dimly. Resident activists routinely return that perspective.

That’s a recipe for years of more acrimonious relationships.

Recently, Ed Speraw – the former President of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA) – died.

The Daily Business News on MHProNews pondered how the word of that passage of Speraw from this life might best be handled.

We reached out for comments from resident group leaders and manufactured home industry leaders. We obtained two, one a professional – above, another from a friend of the deceased.

Those and more are available via the linked text/image box posted, below.  It explores areas of agreement, and disagreement, and where common ground may be found.


Ed Speraw, Manufactured Home Owner “Hero”, dies at 81


Teachable Moment?

Editorially, MHProNews management hopes that this might be a conversation starter. The report above will certainly cause some to react or think.

The industry’s leadership on the MHI/NCC side has sadly failed to bridge the gap with resident groups. There is arguably little-to-no trust.

Monopolistic practices arguably hurt residents, most small-to-mid sized businesses, and the new home sales levels of our industry.  That’s one of several possible foundations for mutual advocacy efforts.  Further, there are thousands of independently owned manufactured home communities where residents and management get along just fine.  This writer has seen that first hand, in communities from border to border.

While some keep spinning the pipe dream that pretty pictures or slick videos will solve what has ailed new manufactured home sales, years of fact-checks, new home shipment tallies, and following-the-money prove otherwise.  Part of the challenge is ‘resident relations.’  When residents have to sue, for example, the MHI chairman, that’s not cause for enthusiastic trust.

How many other industries have such a significantly acrimonious relationship with a significant percentage of their product owners?  While customers do sue other product makers, or may protest something, those other industries are already thriving. No so, manufactured housing.

Education is needed all around. It’s arguably overdue to break through thin egg shells. Instead of living in disconnecting white silos, by cracking shells, why not mix it up, and enjoy some omelets?




MHProNews extends it’s sincere condolences to those touched by the loss of Ed Speraw, may he rest in peace. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, commentary, and analysis.)

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