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Manufactured Home Businesses, Employees, and Single Payer Health Care – Facts for the Midterms

November 2nd, 2018



As numbers of manufactured housing business owners know the head-aches that came with ObamaCare.  Everyone in the industry is impacted by this issue.


Let’s start with a blast of common sense. There is nothing that is free. Someone always pays.

MHProNews has made a simple point, by quoting the brilliant Thomas Sowell on this issue.  See that below.

Thomas Sowell, Ph.D. Economist, Thinker,

Collage credit, Wikipedia and


ObamaCare program failed at delivering these 3 promises from former President Obama:

  • If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,”
  • if you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan.” and
  • you will ‘save about $2500 per family‘ promises.
  • Not one of those things proved to be true.  So why should Americans trust the same core of people who were wrong before, this time around on health care?

Instead of apologies, the former president is out on the campaign trail again, promising along with others a new fable.  Universal health care.  Keep in mind that the Obama Administration’s “architect” for ObamaCare, admitted after it was passed that it was all based upon lies. Gruber called the average voter, stupid. Ouch.


Here is Obama administration’s ObamaCare expert Jonathan Grubber saying as much in the CNN video above and below.



Free health care, or universal health care are among the top issues that many Democrats are running on in this midterm election cycle.  Everyone making this claim is expecting voters to buy a lie.



Universal health care has been called several things, including single payer, or socialized medicine.

But that same principle holds in every other aspect of the federal government.  The more that people or faith-based groups do for themselves or each other, the better and less costly it is.



For 50 years, America has tried the failed notions of the so-called Great Society programs. The result, per the Heritage Foundation, is about the same level of poverty, but some $22 trillion dollars in costs.  That almost the same amount as the federal debt.

Free stuff sounds great, but it is never free. Imagine that your pocket is being picked for that ‘free stuff, because it is.  Either in terms of taxes, lost opportunities, or both.

Some people are uncomfortable with President Trump’s style. That’s understandable.  But as the old native American saying goes, ‘do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.’

In less than 2 years, the Trump Administration has achieved an amazing amount of success.  That is working on principles that are closer to the free enterprise that our nation was founded upon.

The economy is energized, pay is growing at the highest pace in about a decade.  The demand for jobs will naturally raise wages, which may cost employers short term, but as Henry Ford learned, is good long-term for the economy. Much of the credit has to go to the president, who promised and then fought for these positive changes.

The stock markets have been jittery, per several sources, in part due to concerns that the Democrats may take control of the House.

If Republicans hold even a one seat majority, they continue to control the committee chairmanships.  If they lose the House by even one seat to Democrats, then

  • Nancy Pelosi becomes the speaker.
  • Maxine Waters becomes chair of Financial Services.
  • Adam Schiff becomes chair of intelligence committee,
  • and so on, so that much of the progress that is underway will grind to a halt.

What Democrats aren’t saying is this.  They can’t pass legislation without Republicans, with President Trump in the White House.  It’s arguably a wasted vote.

Not all news is fake news.  But some news is clearly weaponized.  Most media, has an agenda.  We at MHProNews frankly have an agenda too.  But we state the agenda openly, and note that each article as “news, analysis and commentary.” Our agenda is pro-free enterprise, for constitutionally limited government, to see manufactured housing honorably achieve its growth potential.


The comment above was said with respect to another recent topic, but relates to this issue too.

Whatever the issues or obstacles are that stand in the way of that manufactured housing industry growth ought to be scrutinized, which we do unlike any other MHVille publisher.

MadamPresidentNewseekCoverHllaryClintonDailyBusinessNewsMHProenwsMuch of the mainstream media all but crowned Hillary Clinton in 2016.  There were publishers like Newsweek, that had covers like the one prepared in advance.  Those same pollsters declared it was over, just as they are in 2018.

If you are a Democrat, do what others have, and vote for what works.  The Trump agenda blends some elements that were once standard Democratic fare, along with some conservative principles too.

It is patently obvious that the economy and consumer confidence are moving in a good direction.  Why not vote for what is working?

Voting for Democrats in this cycle is a vote to stop a pro-growth agenda.  That may help advance the purported plans of a few billionaires like Buffett, who want to buy stuff at a discount, but it is bad for the vast majority of America.


Fortune reported that some 25 million early voting ballots have already been cast.  Some think as many as 100 million may vote in the midterms. If so, and if every Trump voter in 2016 voted for GOP candidates in 2018, then the House and Senate would be held and carried easily.  Because candidate Trump earned 62,984,825, per a report on CNN. 

If money bought elections, Democrats would have won in 2016, and they’d win in 2020.


The Democrats are not the same party that they used to be. Neither are the Republicans. Democrats have tilted socialist, and many say so openly.


It’s your country, your future, and that of your youth and progeny. That’s “News through the lens of manufactured homes, and factory-built housing” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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