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Keiser Homes Fire did not Damage Main Structure, Electrical or New Homes

July 20th, 2015

keiser_modular_homes__sunjournal__andree_kehn__creditFollowing a story MHProNews reported Friday, July17 regarding a fire at modular builder Keiser Homes in Oxford Maine, sunjournal reports the fire was contained to a lean-to where where wood was stored, destroying most of the wood and the structure, but did not affect the main building, the electrical system or any of the modular homes. It did warp the metal siding on the north end of the building.

Several employees were keeping a watch on the building over the weekend to make sure the fire did not reignite, but have to wait until the insurance adjusters, the state fire marshal’s office and the owners finish their investigation before they can begin the clean-up.

Plant engineer Andrew Grant was working in his office in another part of the complex after the other 80 employees had left for the day when he saw the flames outside his window and alerted the fire department. The company had just received a shipment of oriented strand board (OSB), a type of pressed wood used in home construction, which is the wood that burned. ##

(Photo credit: sunjournal/Andree Kehn–Keiser Homes after the fire)

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