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Just the Facts – Compare Curbed and MHI, Next Step, Clayton, Cavco, Champion Homes Video Results

August 24th, 2018


ManufacturedHousingInstituteMHILogoNextStepLogoClaytonHomesLogoCavcoLogoChampionLogoHomeFutureMHproNewsJust 18 days after their first video was posted, Episode One of Curbed/The Verge’sThe Home of the Future” is already over 750,000 views.



By contrast, the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), Next Step, Clayton Homes, Cavco Industries, Champion Homes video, published on Nov 15, 2017 now has 1,433 views.


We could scrutinize those facts in dozens of ways, but will keep it simple on a Friday evening by saying what we did shortly after they came out with their ‘big announcement.’  MHI, and those who teamed with them, missed some key points of “story telling.” 

Keep in mind that the goal here isn’t to slam those involved, rather, it is to make industry professionals step back and think. Everyone needs accountability. 


Critiques, fact checks, aren’t personal. Rather, they are a professional necessity.

In business, there are metrics for accountability.

The proof  – the metrics – are measured in their respective view results.

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Get your motor running smoothly and efficiently.

Given MHI’s multi-million dollar a year budget, it is also obvious they have not put enough resources into this to move the needle. It should be noted that the Next Step/MHI video is posted on MHI’s website, and several other websites too. Ouch, ouch, ouch…



Amen Corner, vs. Fact and Evidence Based Reality Checks?

So why should MHPros be surprised if MHI – which they and their amen corner thumps their chest about ‘all they are doing for the industry’ – when by several objective measures, they are arguably failing.  

Keep in mind that MHI asked others to ‘spread the word’ about this video.  Sad response to their leadership, isn’t it?

ICYMI, look at the RVs vs. MH data below, and the related reports, shown below. The question readers must ask are ones like these.

What RV Industry’s 2018, Prior Results Reveal for Manufactured Housing

  • Is MHI just inept at doing what they claim their agenda is?
  • Is MHI merely posturing? Play acting?
  • How do you explain the difference between what Curbed and the Verge have already done, vs. what the ‘professionals’ at the Manufactured Housing Institute have accomplished? 

MHI, care to answer?  “We Provide, You Decide.” © © ## (News, analysis and commentary.)

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