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i-House Net Zero Utilities draws eco-positive attention

August 12th, 2011

ihouse Clayton Green-Bridge-Farm-Chevy-Volt-posted on Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management JetsonGreen reports the completion of another i-House in eco-friendly Green Bridge Farm. The 25 lot subdivision is located in Effingham County, GA. The owner, Charles Davis, doesn’t expect to have an electric bill because the home has a butterfly roof with solar panels. The home is generating enough electricity to also power the owner’s Chevy Volt. The i-House is built by Berkshire Hathaway’s Clayton Homes, which has garnered considerable media coverage for this factory built home due to its green design features.  For example, TreeHugger has praised the modular/prefab design, while encouraging a HUD Code design version of the home.  TreeHugger notes that eco-friendly developments such as Green Bridge Farms is a positive option for the placement of the i-House.

(photo credit: JetsonGreen)

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