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HUD Secretary Ben Carson Surprise Appearance at Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee, Exclusive Quotes – Addressing Manufactured Home Industry

May 2nd, 2019



HUD Secretary Ben Carson told the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee (MHCC) yesterday that manufactured housing “is a product which clearly fills a need that would otherwise go unmet.”


Secretary Carson made a surprise appearance that the MHCC meeting in Washington, D.C. yesterday.
Per informed sources, HUD’s Office of Manufactured Housing Programs (OMHP) staff requested Carson come by and address the group, which occurred at about 2:30 PM ET on 5.1.2019. The MHCC is part of the regulatory reform mandated by the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000.

Secretary Carson said that “HUD is a strong proponent of manufactured housing.”

• “Manufactured housing is one of our real priorities.”

• “We want to reduce regulatory barriers while maintaining quality, durability and safety” of manufactured housing.

• “Home ownership is the principal mechanism for the development of wealth in this country.”

• HUD is committed to “protecting the quality, durability, safety and AFFORDABILITY of manufactured housing,” emphasis on the word affordability has been added by MHProNews to stress a point that Carson made.

Each of these points Dr. Carson respectfully shared with attendees are ones made on MHLivingNews and/or here on MHProNews over the years.

But it is refreshing to hear HUD’s Secretary to repeatedly be making such positive comments. See his comments to the industry last year, when he pledged a “new era of cooperation” with the industry. The comments below were provided by HUD to MHProNews – and can be accessed via the linked text-image box below.


“A New Era of Cooperation and Coordination,” is Promised by HUD Secretary Carson, Saying “I Hear You”


For those who won’t be attending the MHI meeting in New Orleans, HUD has assured MHProNews that the full text of Carson’s address will be provided. So you can save time, travel and hassles – and read it all, right here on the Daily Business News on MHProNews for free, next week.

The photo at the top is from a HUD’s ManuFACTured Housing Newsletter dated March 2017. That’s significant, because facts matter. An industry blogger, regrettably known for mistaken or misleading statements, said recently asked and answered (incorrectly) this question. ‘When was the last such newsletter published?’ Our records indicate December 2015…” Wrong. Will said blogger print a correction?

Time will tell.


MHProNews Correction

Speaking of correction, fair is fair. MHProNews needs to adjust a mis-read of our own. We’ve previously stated that Amazon’s Alexa Fund, which co-ventured with Obvious Ventures in Plant Prefab in getting into factory-home building, had cited the new housing market figure of $330 billion a year here in the U.S. That statement indeed came from the same press release, but it was Obvious Ventures – which is de facto partnering with Amazon’s Alexa Fund in Plant Prefabs that cited that figure. Our apologies for the misstatement, which is hereby amended.



MHProNews correctly cited the quotes herein above, but later conflated Alexa and Obvious as to who said the $330 billion dollar comment. That said, both firms are involved in Plant Prefab. Rephrased, it was a nuanced point, that we are hereby correcting, per SPJ Code of Ethics standards.

While the point is nuanced, the essence of the facts we reported nevertheless remains the same and had the same source. Alexa Fund and Obvious Ventures see a $330 billion dollar new home market. HUD Secretary Carson sees manufactured housing in very positive terms.

There will be another upcoming report on Secretary Carson and manufactured housing. While there is work to do at HUD, it must be acknowledged that Carson is taking steps more routinely than his predecessors in raising the profile of the industry in a positive way.


Watch for another report about Carson and MHVille before this weekend, only here on the Daily Business News on MHProNews, where “We Provide, You Decide,” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)



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