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Grass roots industry Turn Around plan gains momentum

October 16th, 2011

DeerfieldRun wikimedia commons posted on Manufactured home marketing sales management,,,“It’s obvious that our industry has to develop an Industry Wide Comprehensive Marketing Plan in order to gain acceptance at every economic level and in every geographical region from Coast to Coast. Having seen the MH Alliance plan, this creative approach can help us get that job done.” said C. Jay Hamilton, Executive Director, Georgia Manufactured Housing Association. “Over 90% of those who have taken part in one of the live webinar/discussions share positive feedback,” said publisher Tony Kovach, who states that “Community owners, lenders, retailers, insurance, service, marketing and association leaders are among the strong majority who have listened to, discussed and support this Industry turn-around effort.  More than just image building, the MH Alliance/Phoenix Project uses concepts advocated by Green Courte Partners Chairman Randy Rowe in a 2010 speech to industry professionals designed to get to the heart of issues hampering manufactured housing’s comeback.”  While the majority who see the plan support it, a few have questioned it. “A handful have tried to privately and/or publicly marginalize the effort, but a little research reveals their concerns are contradictory or personal agenda driven,” Kovach stated. An example Kovach gave of one of many recent webinar attendees is Lisa Tyler from Walden University. Tyler is a 10 year manufactured housing veteran turned MBA.  A marketing instructor, Tyler plans a doctoral dissertation on a topic related to advancing manufactured housing through an improved image.  Tyler has committed to an article with that would outline her professional reasons for thinking this approach will serve the factory built home industry well.  Or as Mountainside Financial manager Anthony Ducharme, has said: “Tony, I want to thank you for sharing a well thought out vision for our industry that doesn’t end in a calamity. I believe that the MH Alliance’s core tenants are the key to an industry wide revitalization; the focus on providing honest and superior value, design, and customer service to the lifeblood of our business – the homeowner – will be the foundation of its success.”  To learn more, go to this link.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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