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Fix Ordered for Manufactured Home Community


A home in the Lake Ridge Community. Credit: Zillow.

In Lake Isabella, California, an issue with winter water run-off at a manufactured home community has prompted state officials to issue a violation notice to the owners.

According to Bakersfield Now, residents of the Lake Ridge Mobile Home Park say that water started running into their yards and under their homes about a month ago, and it’s gotten worse.


It started coming under the sheds, and then under my home,” said resident Sandra Smith.

And then, all flowing through the street.

The culprit, residents say, is the hillside above. Community manager Kathie Troolines took news crews to a spot above the homes to survey it.

It’s an area of soggy ground and streams of water,” said Troolines. “I think the water’s coming from springs up the hill, and below the area of last summer’s Erskine Fire.

The state Department of Housing and Community Development issued their report on the matter this week, and it also points to the problem of natural run-off.

There are homes within the park that are being affected by the effects of naturally occurring springs that have surfaced to the top of the ground due to the high amount of rainfall during the winter months,” said the report.


Another home in the Lake Ridge community. Credit: Zillow.

Some of the water has migrated under the homes which may cause the soil to become unstable which may cause the homes to become unleveled.

And this is major concern for some residents, who claim that they have cracks in their homes, and have pumped water out from underneath their homes, only to have more water show up a few minutes later.

With the claim that the water flow has been a problem for over a month, some residents feel that the community owner and management haven’t been helpful enough.

The water problem isn’t so much as we’re being ignored,” said resident Faith Morrison.

The fact that the park [sic] brought in a sump pump is nice, but it took a long time to get any attention.


Credit: Google.

Troolines says that she has been checking with water and utility spokesmen, in an effort to pin down the source of the water and what should be done. But, as the issue persists, residents say they are still concerned, and should be offered additional relief.

We feel that there will be mold and mosquitoes,” said Morrison.

Some residents have also said that issues with run-off have happened in the past, both 12 and 20 years ago.

Something must be done. There has to be a way to fix it,” said resident Maxine Hauser.

It’s just a matter of time.

The report from the inspector requires the community owner to consult with a geologist within 30 days to determine a solution to the problem. ##


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