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DOJ Anti-Trust Division Looking to Appeal Decision, Plus Manufactured Housing Market Updates

July 11th, 2018

CNNmoney7.11.2018ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsDepending on who you ask in MHVille, the AT&T/Time Warner deal ruling either has little meaning for manufactured housing companies, or it may have real significance. What is now being revealed, is that the Trump Administration DOJ is considering an appeal.  That will be our focus for this evening.


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Select bullets from CNN Money…

  • Trade war? Here’s why investors should really worry
  • Why the Dow is getting left in the dust
  • Mohamed El-Erian explains the big risks investors face
  • Europe and the US have the world’s most important business ties
  • Foreign investment in the United States plunged 32% in 2017
  • Analysis: Will Brian Roberts lose it all?
  • Oprah expands her food empire
  • Twitter is purging suspicious accounts from your follower count
  • Facebook faces maximum fine in UK for data scandal
  • A Russian company also had access to Facebook user data
  • YouTube says it has a plan to stem the flow of ‘fake news’ videos
  • Apple and Google face questions on smartphone data privacy
  • Tim Hortons is moving into China
  • Pfizer freezes price hikes after Trump complains
  • Wall Street has Trump whiplash
  • Tickets for Sean Spicer book launch party going for up to $1,000
  • Tax cut triggers $437 billion explosion of stock buybacks
  • Germany isn’t the only country that still needs cheap Russian gas
  • India pours $305 million more into its money-losing airline
  • China is owning the future of cars. German automakers want in
  • Tesla is going big in China
  • How Thailand became the ‘Detroit of Asia’
  • The retirement mistake that could cost you $100,000 or more


Select Bullets from Fox Business

  •  Solicitor general balking at DOJ plan to appeal AT&T-Time Warner deal
  • Oil down 5% as new supplies cause traders to sell
  • Trump rally: Hottest sectors since Election Day
  • Stocks slide as US prepares $200B in tariffs on Chinese goods
  • China says will hit back after US proposes fresh tariffs on $200B in goods
  • Future of Fox entertainment assets in focus at Sun Valley conference
  • Papa John’s founder apologizes for using racial slur, shares sink
  • Kylie Jenner set to be the youngest-ever self-made billionaire
  • Macy’s data breach exposed credit card information for some online shoppers
  • Congress eyes truck driver shortage solution
  • Oprah just invested a ‘significant’ amount into this restaurant business
  • Monsanto to get flooded with thousands of cancer-related lawsuits
  • Tax law to make divorce proceedings messier
  • Trump ups NATO contribution target as allies lag on defense spending
  • Kavanaugh could make red wave probable in Senate come November: Varney
  • Will Comcast try to outbid Fox for Sky?
  • Feds order shut down of Vermont immigrant investor center
  • Why Fastenal Company Stock Popped 10%

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Depending on who you ask in MHVille, the AT&T/Time Warner deal ruling either has little meaning for manufactured housing companies, or it may have real significance. What is now being revealed, is that the Trump Administration DOJ is considering an appeal.  That will be our focus for this evening.


Obvious disclosure, we are not attorneys nor are we the even more specialized class of lawyers and legal scholars who work on anti-trust related issues.

That said, in recent years, as MHProNews has covered periodically, concerns about Berkshire Hathaway, Clayton Homes, and allegations of monopolistic practices have been brewing.  The Seattle Time revealed what MHProNews readers already knew, namely, that federal officials are looking at several issues that involve Clayton and their lending related units, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance (VMF), and 21st Mortgage Corp. (21st).

As an FYI, there is an unrelated story about 21st and their lending that is brewing, which we plan to bring in the days ahead as the details become more clear.

Against that backdrop, the word that there is a battle within DOJ to appeal the AT&T case loss is noteworthy.  Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino comments on the developments in this video. That said, the DOJ antitrust division is looking to appeal AT&T-Time Warner ruling, reports Charlie Gasparino.



Antitrust officials in the Justice Department (DOJ) have privately decided to appeal a federal judge’s approval of AT&T’s planned $85 billion takeover of Time Warner, but are facing resistance from the most important player in the process, the office of the U.S. Solicitor General.


The Fox Business Network has learned from people close to the DOJ’s antitrust division that an appeal of the landmark ruling by U.S. District Judge Richard Leon is all but a certainty if Solicitor General Noel Francisco approves the action.

But that approval, which is being sought by antitrust chief Makan Delrahim, faces resistance from the Solicitor General’s office, which must approve any appeal made by the DOJ either in federal courts or the Supreme Court, these people said.

The view in the Solicitor General’s office is that the government has limited capabilities of successful appeals and you don’t want to squander those on cases that are borderline,” said one government official who spoke on condition of anonymity,” said the Fox report.

Gasparino makes it sound like the anti-trust attorneys involved believed their odds are good.

That said, whatever the decision in this particular case, it supports the notion that in the foreseeable future, more anti-trust cases may be heard.  Will Clayton, 21st, VMF and Berkshire Hathaway be among them?  Or what about Amazon, Facebook and Google’s parent company, Alphabet?

Time will tell, stay tuned.

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