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David Valenti Pleads Guilty to 19 Counts of Theft

February 23rd, 2016

david_valenti__mark_moran__the_citizen_s_voice__creditUpdating a story MHProNews posted July 21, 2014 about Wyoming Homes owner David Valenti being sued by the Pennsylvania AG for not delivering manufactured and modular homes for which he was paid, and not fulfilling contacts, timesleader reports he pleaded guilty in Luzerne County Court to 19 counts of theft. Six counts of theft were either dropped or continued.

Valenti lost his license to sell homes in 2014 and declared bankruptcy in 2015, leaving in doubt his ability to pay tens of thousands in restitution to his victims per his plea agreement. He faces similar charges in Wyoming and Susquehanna Counties.

A resident of Moosic he defrauded dozens of would-be homebuyers who paid thousands for homes that in some cases were never delivered, or were represented differently than actual.

Some of the customers were victims of massive flooding that devastated the area in Sept. 2001.

Judge Joseph Sklarosky Jr. scheduled Valenti’s sentencing for May 26. ##

(Photo credit: citizensvoice/Mark Moran–David Valenti)

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  1. easteddie
    February 25th, 2016 at 11:25 | #1

    Thanks for reporting ALL the news about out industry, And not just the good news; it’s called “responsible journalism?. It’s a great example of an effort at one form of “self policing”. And, it points out the need for some legislation which protects consumers by not releasing funds to a home provider until there is a C of O issued, through the use of Escrow or Trust accounts. Some industry members may not like these kinds of consumer funding safekeeping, however, these types of financial protections to protect consumers will help to raise the public’s confidence in dealing with our industry. It has to start somewhere!

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