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County Commissioners Dealing with Modular Workforce Housing

March 12th, 2014

In order to better zone and regulate the temporary housing facilities that many oilfield workers live in, the Williams County (North Dakota) commissioners voted to update the definition of crew housing, and will charge companies $400 per person for each one living in modular workforce housing zoned for non-residential use. Crew housing charges will also apply to those living in campers and travel trailers if they are parked in non-residential zones, as the reports. Manufactured home and RV communities licensed by the state will not be assessed the $400. Recreational vehicles will not be charged because it is difficult to determine how many beds each contain, and there is no billing address, but zoning regulations will tighten up as more housing becomes available. Noting temporary housing is not a permanent solution, Williams County staff planner Taylor Corbett tells the major concern is that sewage and other infrastructure meet county standards. ##

(Photo credit: Associated Press–modular workforce housing, Williston, North Dakota)

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