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Controversies Erupt as FEMA Presses HUD Code Builders, Manufactured Home Retailers, Industry Pros React

September 16th, 2017

FEMAmanufacturedHousingUnitsFEMADailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsFEMA threaten to force manufacturers to put them in front of retailers [sic] orders. The threat is real but keep my name out of it. I will shut my plant down and they will have to nationalize before we build them sh-t,” said a reliable source to MHProNews.

The allegation includes the statement that this demand came in a written document, and was also confirmed by phone.

A FEMA contact of MHProNews, as well as the FEMA press office was contacted Friday evening for comment and reaction, but as of 11:54 PM CT, no response has been obtained.


A manufactured housing association contact tells the Daily Business News (DBN) on MHProNews that, “It is my understanding that if there is an emergency declaration that FEMA can require manufacturers that they have contracts with to provide them with priority production.  I don’t know the details.”

DBN Hears from Stressed, Angry Retailers

The email below, forwarded to the DBN was circulated among retailers, HUD Code producers and their owners.  As the original sender has not as of the time this story was drafted OK’d the use of their name in this article, that is being withheld at this time.

The bulk of the veteran retailer’s message read as follows.


Hurricane Harvey flooding, credit, USA Today.

The industry is experiencing unprecedented backlogs, the likes of which I have not seen in my 45 years in the industry; and this was before the hurricanes.

 Manufacturers who take FEMA orders direct are hurting their existing dealer base.  FEMA should have to buy from Retailers just like everyone else.  They will get just as many homes, and you factories will get just as many orders, and your licensed Retailers should be the ones selling them, instead of being left out.  A factory that takes FEMA orders is hurting their dealers by longer backlogs and/or being cut out of the sales and profits.  It’s like letting people hook into a Exxon pipeling [sic] to buy gas instead of going to a station.

I’m already being told some of my orders are being pushed back because of direct FEMA sales.  They are being treated like RSO, instead of the [sic] WHOLESALE sold orders.

Ask yourselves this: When FEMA quits buying direct, who are you gonna sell to?

We retailers are licensed and bonded so we can buy from you and sell to UNLICENSED buyers.  Yes, FEMA has asked for a list of small homes in our inventory (which most dealers only have a few).  I have 3 between 2 lots.  That’s not a lot compared to what I’m hearing FEMA needs.”


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Comments with similar passion have been heard by MHProNews from other retailers in various states effected by Hurricane Harvey’s demands. Updates to this story will be planned when FEMA provides their comments.

A prior DBN report on FEMA’s call to retailers to sell certain sized homes is linked here. ## (News.)

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