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Community Residents without Power over Two Months

December 3rd, 2013

Ever since a contractor accidentally cut power to the Beladean Trailer Park in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada two-and-one-half months ago, the remaining six residents (down from 11 since Sept.) have relied on generators for heat, but have been without phone service. MHProNews has learned from the manager of the community, Roshan Arora, has allegedly been ordered to restore power and phone service by the city three times, but blames weather and permit problems for the delay. Eighty-eight year-old Lillian Bailey says the gas in her generator runs out at 4:30 AM. The local MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly), Sue Hammell, is trying to find suitable housing for her and remaining residents. At one time she discovered the community had an open sewer running down a ditch. Arora and his brother own Punjab Cloth Warehouse, a multimillion dollar fabric business with two local warehouses and export offices around the world, according to their website. The affair has spurred politicians to review tenancy laws.

(Photo credit: Kate WEbb/–Lillian Bailey outside her home.

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