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Clinton, Trump Try New Lines of Attack – Daily Tracking Poll, Political Cartoons

September 30th, 2016

hillarydonaldgoogleimages-dailybusinessnewsmhmsmDepending on which network you tune into, election related news can be starkly different. The rift in the mainstream media over how to cover the 2016 Presidential race matches the fact that trust in media has dropped near all-time lows.

The LA Times, in their highly touted unique Daily Tracking Poll shows Donald Trump’s post-debate rise continues. Note that the paper supports Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.  More polling will be out soon.

A look at headlines, some political cartoons and other news from around the web.


Heat StreetChelsea Clinton Takes Private Jet to ‘Clean Energy’ Conference…

Trump spokesman to Chuck Todd: Winning the unscientific online polls means he won the debate, man


They said in the summer that it could be the ugliest campaign in a long, long time…on that point, many agree.

BUZZFEED Says Own Poll ‘No Longer Reflects REAL PEOPLE’ After Trump Landslide…


Gallup: Percentage of young adults who say they’ll definitely vote craters


As noted yesterday, it is a ‘change election year.’ While anything can happen, the Teflon Don effect seems to be holding. Does anyone still recall that billionaire George Soros has his pro-Clinton plan in place? Or that WikiLeaks stated that they will be dropping another serious revelation about Hillary Clinton soon?

Real Clear Politics – Clinton has Millennial Math Problem

WaPo, Newsmax – Report: Obama May Use Hidden Fund to Pay Off Billions in Obamacare Debts

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