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City Economies Struggling, New Court Ruling, Manufactured Housing Fix?

September 21st, 2017

NationalLeagueCitiesDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe state and local media outlet Governing reports on the looming potential for municipal economic turmoil here in the U.S.

The “National League of Cities (NLC), the report says municipal finance officers are expecting minimal growth this year — less than 1 percent,” per the report, adding “This year, 69 percent said they are better able to meet the financial needs of their communities — down from at least 80 percent in each of the last three years.”

Cities have not yet recovered to 2006 levels.  They’re not alone in the hunt for more tax revenue.

State Seeks Online Tax Collection

South Dakota’s state supreme court struck down a new law, one of several efforts by states to collect sales taxes from online businesses which have no bricks and mortar presence.

The National Retail Federation called upon Congress to pass the Remote Transactions Parity Act, which is  a bill designed to “provide protection for small businesses from any potential compliance burden,” Governing stated.

But with the SD state supreme court ruling, high court watchers believe it is possible that the case will end up with the SCOTUS’ black robes in Washington, D.C. If so, it may overturn a ruling that dates back to 1992, when internet sales were in their infancy.


Legal Scales, Google.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said that the catalogue retailer ruling was “A case questionable even when decided,” wrote in 2015, “Quill now harms states to a degree far greater than could have been anticipated earlier.”

MHProNews has examined the growing power of tech giants, and online retailers – such as Amazon. Democrats are carefully weighing the possibility of promoting anti-trust actions. Sources say that would be welcome by millions of voters, but could harm their party with some of their more generous donors.

Struggling?  Mergers May Lie Ahead

A Manhattan Institute report noted that some suburbs lack the kind of housing stock, business and public asset diversity that are necessary to jump-start a revitalization. It suggests mergers and consolidation of services may be needed to maximize budgets.

As these municipalities become progressively poorer, they are less able to finance public services without tax increases, which drives away people and business, which further reduces the tax base,” the report says. “If these fiscal conditions are paired with poor governance and corruption, a turnaround can be especially difficult.”


What these sources likely haven’t considered are the views of manufactured housing advocate, the Rev. Donald Tye, who has said that besides providing affordability in home ownership, that cities are overlooking the tax benefits that could accrue.


A HUD PD&R Report, linked here, indicates that manufactured homes as infill appreciate as do their neighboring conventional homes.  Tye’s own factory built home has risen in value about 400%, per Zillow. A more recent study in the Pacific Northwest, reported at this link here, also concludes that manufactured homes are rising in value in those markets.  ##

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