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Trump Support Strong among Manufactured Home Residents

March 21st, 2016 Comments off

trump_rally_valdosta_georgia_speech__marie_miller__mark_wellheiser__getty_images__creditAs newsmax informs MHProNews, The New York Times reports Donald Trump supporters defy typical, political norms. A demographic study released by The Times said, The places where Trump has done well cut across many of the usual fault lines of American politics — North and South, liberal and conservative, rural and suburban.”

What does characterize the Trump backers? William Frey of the Brookings Institution said, “It’s a nonurban, blue-collar and now apparently quite angry population. They’re not people who have moved around a lot, and things have been changing away from them, but they live in areas that feel stagnant in a lot of ways.”

When asked if they would support Donald Trump for the GOP nomination, responses revealed while Trump won a large share of college-educated votes in New Hampshire and Nevada, data reveals strong support for him from areas of voters who did not complete high school. Secondly, when asked of their heritage, Trump supporters say “American”–which correlates with 61 percent of Trumpeteers who do not believe President Obama was born in the United States.

The third correlation lists people who live in manufactured homes, which the NYT/newsmax, not knowing the difference between MH and mh, erroneously calls “mobile homes,” as supporters of the Republican billionaire.

Fourth, the overwhelming majority of Trump supporters earn under $50,000. The Republican frontrunner blames bad trade, immigration and health care policies that have taken away jobs.

Next, “Trump territory showed stronger support for the segregationist George Wallace in the 1968 election than the rest of the country, and substantially weaker support for the liberal-leaning former Republican John B. Anderson in 1980,” says NYT in the study.

While union leaders have expressed concerns about Trump, a Boston Globe survey indicated 54 percent of union Republican households support him. Immigrants are the fewest where he has the strongest support, and evangelicals do not seem dismayed by his stance on gay issues and abortion, or that he is twice-divorced.

Nor are Trump’s supporters swayed by attempts by opponents to paint him as liberal-leaning; and WASPS, a traditional Republican base, are more likely to support Sen. Ted Cruz. Religion News reports a survey of Republican ministers revealed only five percent supported Trump. ##

(Photo credit: Getty Images/Mark Wellheiser–Marie Miller reacting to a speech by Donald Trump at Valdosta State College in February, 2016.)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Rotary Club Partners with School to Build Modular Homes, Do Rehab

November 12th, 2015 Comments off

modular_students_upper_valley_career_center_whiotv_creditFor 20 years the Biddeford-Saco Rotary Club in Biddefore, Maine has enjoyed a successful relationship with the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology (COT) in the construction of energy-efficient modular homes. As mainelymediallc informs MHProNews,upon completion the homes are sold by the club and the revenues are returned to the school for the next modular home. The homes typically sell for $40,000.

For the newest project, the students will be renovating a house that has been acquired by the city, instead of building one from scratch. The Rotarians will provide the $90,000 in materials needed to rehab the two-story house. Once completed and sold, the city will receive the back-tax funds and the Rotary Club will be reimbursed the $90k. Additional revenue will be applied toward scholarships and building supplies.

Rotary Club President Bill Kany said renovation is uniquely different from new construction, and will teach the students new skills. “(The modulars) they do right there at the school. It’s all new construction, everything from the floor joist up, Kany said. “This project will give them the experience of what might come not as only as contractor, but as homeowner.

School Superintendent Jeremy Ray said the project will include 20 students from the Building Trades I and II, as well as students from the Business Academy, Electrical Technology and Engineering, Architecture and Drafting programs.

The whole idea is to use this as a teaching tool for the students,” Kany said. “We certainly have the collective expertise in the Rotary Club to deal with renovating and selling property. It’s a partnership that makes sense. It allows them to do something different than what we’ve done with the schools for 20 years.” The club will be responsible for selling the house.

Rotarian volunteers who are professional tradesmen will help with repairing the roof. Consideration is being given to building a covered garage. It will cost more but also yield a greater return, as well as expose the students to excavation work and setting a foundation.

One of the nice things about this is if it does work out, it will allow us to have a greater return than we did on the modulars – more money to help with the needs of the Center of Technology and scholarship needs of kids coming out of the center,” Kany said. “There’s such a need for young people to get in the trades. It’s a great living and maybe it will inspire (the) next generation of tradespeople.##

(Photo credit: whiotv–Modular home built by Upper Valley Career Center Students)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Millennials Continue Living with Mom & Dad

September 19th, 2014 Comments off

aarp children eturn home   david sacks getty imagesThe homeownership rate among young adults ages 18-34 has fallen to a new low, 13.2 percent, as Millennials continue to live in their parents’ basements. In 2014, according to Census Bureau data compiled by, 31.1 percent of this age group lived with their parents, a slight decline from 31.2 percent a year prior. As reports, Trulia Chief Economist Jed Kelko says those who do move out are not forming new households, they are moving in with someone else. The Millennials who rent or own their own home dropped from 36.9 percent one year ago to 36.6 percent this year. Instead of an estimated 1.2 million households that might have formed last year, the count was only 425,000. As MHProNews pointed out a year ago, Sept. 19, 2013, a survey in June of that year revealed that 94 percent of renters 18-34 still plan to own a home someday, although rental agents report occupants are older, more often single and staying longer than they have in past years. “Thus, [the] Census data show that the housing market is still struggling to recover,” wrote Kolko. ##

(Photo credit: David Sacks/Getty Images–children return home)

Sam Zell: Going Head-to-Head with Former Partner?

August 20th, 2014 Comments off

gary_garrabrant_sam_zell__therealdeal__com__creditEquity LifeStyle Properties (ELS)/Equity Residential Chairman Sam Zell is seeking to raise $600 million for investments in emerging markets in India, China and Latin America, and may be competing with his former partner at Equity Residential, Gary Garrabrant, who left Equity suddenly in 2012, according to Garrabrant, who founded Pennsylvania-based Jaguar Growth Partners last year, is seeking to raise up to $1 billion, and both have similar goals and will reach out to the same investors. Zell’s firm owns 38 residential properties in the New York area alone with some 10,330 apartments. Rick Singer of New York’s Eastbridge Group told the Wall Street Journal, “It will be interesting to see where the major investors put their money. I’d be shocked if they share between the two funds.” MHProNews knows ELS is the largest owner of manufactured home and recreational vehicle communities in North America with 380 properties comprising nearly 143,000 home sites. ##

(Photo credit:–From left, Garry Garrabrant and Sam Zell)

New Addition for Modular

June 26th, 2012 Comments off

Virtual-Strategy reports as an alternative to assisted living for an aging relative, Connecticut-based PALS Built offers  handicap accessible modular additions attached to the primary home at a cost lower than that of assisted living. The modular units are manufactured by Practical Assisted Living Solutions, LLC. The newly appointed president and CEO of PALS Built, Alison Rhodes, has many years experience in safety proofing and home modification for children, seniors, and the disabled. She says multi-generational housing is the wave of the future.

(Photo credit: PALS Built)

Building Small Modular Homes Trains Students for Careers

December 2nd, 2011 Comments off

WoodworkingNetwork reports that students at Ranken Technical College in St. Louis, Missouri, build small modular homes, called Tumbleweed Homes, with a footprint of 100 square feet in their first year in the workshop. The homes are sold and the proceeds are used to buy materials for the next set of homes. This prepares them to build a full-size home in the neighborhood surrounding the college during their second year. Our students used to build the modular homes, then have to tear them down and most of the materials just had to be thrown in the dumpster,” said Jeff Bosick, carpentry instructor. “With the new Tumbleweed Homes, our students will still learn what they need to learn, but now the finished products will actually be used in a really great way.”

(Photo credit: Ranken Technical College)

Dow Rises Nicely, Most Tracked Housing Follows

November 28th, 2011 Comments off

CNNMoney reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average spiked 291.23 points on good news of Black Friday sales, and encouraging news about the European debt crisis. The Dow closed 11,523.01, a gain of 2.59 percent. The Yahoo! Finance Manufactured Housing Composite Value gained 2.63 percent to close at 736. Most tracked housing stocks closed up. Affiliated Managers Group gained the most of tracked stocks, rising +5.90, a gain of 7.21 percent, to close at 87.74. Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, as well as MH home-building, lending and other housing suppliers parent company Berkshire Hathawayt113,805 +2,505.00 (+2.25%). Cavco Industries 39.69 +1.27 (+3.31%). Champion, Deer Valley, Liberty and Palm Harbor were all unchanged. Drew Industries 21.00 +1.26 (+5.32%). Equity Lifestyle Properties 59.72 +0.31 (+0.52%) Nobility Homes 6.22 +0.07 (+1.14%). Patrick Industries remained unchanged at 2.60. Skyline Corporation 5.09 -0.01 (-0.20). Sun Communities 34.49 +0.99 (+2.96%). Third Avenue Value Fund (11-25) slid the most of tracked stocks, losing -0.39, -0.99, to close a 38.84. UMH Properties 9.20 +0.19 (+2.11%). Universal Forest Products, Inc. 25.62 +1.31 (+5.39%), but sliding another -0.15 in after hours trading.

(Graphic credit: CNNMoney and  RealTick)

Wisconsin to Allow Larger Modular Homes on Roads

November 14th, 2011 Comments off

The JournalSentinel reports while Republicans and Governor Scott Walker lauded the efforts of the state legislature to create jobs in their three-week session, the Democrats are skeptical of their claims. However, they did pass legislation that would allow trucks to transport larger and heavier loads, like modular homes, on the roads. Many Democrats supported this measure, although they say not many jobs will be added because of the new bill.

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Australia Looking Closely at Modular Housing

October 14th, 2011 Comments off

dailytelegraph tells us from Sydney, Australia, the U.S. is not the only country where the gap between income and real estate prices is widening. Sydney’s home prices are expected to rise 19 percent in the next three years, to a median of $770,000. “The big problem with affordability is housing supply,” according to Nicolas Perren, director of Tektum. There is a demand for 150,000 dwellings a year in Australia – but only 120,000 are being built.” Next week at the Sydney Architecture Festival, modular homes will be a featured presentation as a possible solution to the housing crisis. Leading industry figures will be observing these single-story homes that range in size from 45 square meters with two bedrooms, to 170 square meters with six bedrooms. These modular houses can be assembled in three days and cost between $100,000 and 250,000. CEO Douglas Driscoll of Starr Partners thinks this could work particularly well with public housing.

(Photo credit: dailytelegraph)

MHARR Notes Increased MH Production, Continues Call for Parity

October 6th, 2011 Comments off

The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) reports that manufactured housing production for August 2011 increased six percent over August 2010, the first monthly increase in 12 months. Statistics from the department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) show that HUD Code manufacturers produced 5,187 homes in August. Cumulative industry production for the year stands at 32,015, 9.9 percent lower than the 35,566 units through August 2010, but a significant increase over the double-digit decline the industry witnessed earlier this year. MHARR further notes that while this increase is most welcome, the affordability of manufactured housing should lead to an increase in demand despite the sluggish economy. “The fact that it has not yet benefitted from conditions that, in the past, have stoked industry growth, underscores that the sustained industry decline since 1998 is less a result of the broader economic environment than factors uniquely affecting manufactured housing – specifically, the unavailability of consumer financing and HUD’s failure to fully and properly implement key reforms of the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 that were designed to ensure the parity of manufactured housing as “housing.”

(image credit: MHARR)