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Pending Federal Case Could Open Flood Gates, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Plus MH Market Up-dates

June 11th, 2018 No comments

CNNmoney6.11.2018ManufacturedHomeStocksMarketsReportsMHProNewsJudge Nap” expresses his take on what the pending AT&T-Time Warner deal could mean for other media deals that are waiting on the sidelines.  Could this set a precedent for manufactured housing industry M&As?  With manufactured housing stocks mostly up, that pending case and video will be our focus for tonight.

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The evolving Daily Business News market report sets the manufactured home industry’s stocks in the broader context of the overall markets.


Part of this unique feature provides headlines – from both sides of the left-right media divide – that saves readers time, while underscoring topics that may be moving investors, which in turn move the markets.

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Selected headlines and bullets from CNN Money:

  • Executives are cashing in on the explosion in stock buybacks
  • Uber’s Bozoma Saint John departs company after one year
  • Interest rates are about to rise again
  • Billions in cryptocurrency wealth wiped out after hack
  • G7 chaos is a PR win for China
  • OPEC president: US hasn’t asked us for more oil
  • Investors love what Italy’s new economy minister is saying
  • UK companies will have to explain CEO pay
  • The latest brew from Starbucks and Chase: A prepaid card for collecting coffee points
  • Craigslist founder gives $20 million to journalism school
  • A new approach to cybersecurity: let the hackers in
  • How big brands are trying to pull off a recycling revolution
  • IHOP reveals the mystery of IHOb
  • The 10 biggest tax breaks for individuals
  • Chinese companies may invest in North Korea. American? Not so much
  • Swiss bank shares rally as voters reject new rules
  • Elon Musk’s ‘not a flamethrower’ devices show up on eBay for thousands
  • Things don’t look good for Dodge and Chrysler
  • National security panel drops objections to Chinese firm’s purchase of American insurer
  • Ben Bernanke warns: This is the Wile E. Coyote economy
  • Questions pile up about why reporter’s records were seized
  • New Yorker’s Adam Davidson: The media is missing a ‘very simple’ story about Trump
  • CNN anchors reflect on the life of Anthony Bourdain
  • Journalist jailed by Iran: How Anthony Bourdain changed my life
  • TV networks, colleagues and fans pay tribute to Anthony Bourdain
  • Inside Anthony Bourdain’s globe-trotting career
  • Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain: How the press can cover suicide without creating a ‘contagion’
  • Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Kitchen Confidential’ becomes Amazon top seller
  • Immigrant doctors in rural America are sick of waiting for green cards
  • Trump administration’s latest attack on Obamacare would gut protections for the sick
  • Disney’s John Lasseter, famed animator, to leave company following ‘missteps’

Selected headlines and bullets from Fox Business:

  • North Korea summit: How Trump will communicate, negotiate with Kim Jong Un
  • Stocks cautious ahead of Trump-Kim meeting
  • North Korea the next frontier for US businesses?
  • Kim’s capitalist kingdom of Korea
  • North Korea summit: What success is for Trump, Kim Jong Un
  • Net neutrality repeal a ‘blow to binge watchers’
  • PG&E shares fall as California links utility company to wildfires
  • North Korea cyberattack strength sits in the shadows of nuclear focus
  • Rolls-Royce, preparing to cut thousands of jobs, says engine problem has spread
  • Cryptocurrencies lose more than $42B following hack, regulatory crackdown
  • AT&T-Time Warner ruling sets precedent for Comcast-Disney bidding war: Judge Nap
  • Amazon expands Whole Foods Market discounts for Prime members
  • IHOP says ‘b’ in new name stands for ‘burgers’
  • US watchdog finds violations at Foxconn factory making Amazon devices
  • Trump trade beef with Canada: Former Canadian prime minister weighs in
  • Elon Musk’s flamethrowers hit eBay with sky-high resale prices
  • Trump must re-invite Philadelphia Eagles to White House, Chicago Cubs owner says

President Trump and the Eagles must put politics aside for the go


Today’s markets and stocks, at the closing bell…


 Manufactured Housing Composite Value (MHCV)



Today’s Big Movers

For all the scores and highlights on tracked manufactured home connected stocks today, see thBloomberg graphic, posted below.

Today’s MH Market Spotlight Report –

The decision will very much send a signal as to what to expect from the DOJ in the future,” Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Fox Business Monday morning.

The AT&T- Time Warner merger ruling could set the precedent for other media “M&A” deals in the works, Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Monday.

Court-watchers will be looking for clues in the ruling as to what this might mean for others, including, perhaps manufactured housing.

The president has indicated hinted at times an interest in taking on Amazon.

If so, that may be a parallel to action in the currently lower-profile manufactured housing industry.


Related Report:

Wall Street Journal – Tech Giants are Monopolistic Threat to Businesses, U.S. Economy

Progressive “Nation” Reports on Monopolies Cites Buffett, Clayton, Others – MH Industry Impact?

Bloomberg Closing Ticker for MHProNews…

NOTE: The chart below includes the Canadian stock, ECN, which purchased Triad Financial Services.

NOTE: The chart below covers a number of stocks NOT reflected in the Yahoo MHCV, shown above.

NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).


Berkshire Hathaway is the parent company to Clayton Homes21st Mortgage, Vanderbilt Mortgage and other factory built housing industry suppliers.

LCI Industries, Patrick, UFPI and LP all supply manufactured housing.

AMG, CG and TAVFX have investments in manufactured housing related businesses.

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Vanguard’s Carl Bennett Honored by Modular Building Institute as 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee

March 28th, 2018 Comments off


The Modular Building Institute (MBI) has announced the induction of Mr. Carl Bennett, into its Hall of Fame at World of Modular 2018 in Hollywood, Florida.


Strong support for this public recognition of Mr. Bennett, and the celebration of his achievements for more than 35 years, comes from prominent industry peers, his colleagues at Vanguard Modular Building Systems, as well as from the MBI’s board.

In a release do the Daily Business News, Vanguard said that broad support within Vanguard Modular Building Systems, support from industry peers, and ultimate induction into the Hall of Fame are a true testament to Carl Bennett’s contributions and dedication to the modular building industry, ethical business practices, ability to achieve success, and desire to improve the industry for future growth and achievement.”

To be considered as an inductee into the Modular Building Institute’s Hall of Fame a nominee must meet four specific criteria:

Longevity – Lifetime of dedication to or achievement in commercial modular construction with a minimum of 30 years in the industry.

Corporate Citizenship – Service to others in the industry or making significant achievements in the areas of social concern or outstanding and consistent product quality.

Success – Business or financial success that has the respect of those in the nominating process and selection.

Pioneer/Innovator – Clear and original ideas advancing the industry and adopted by others in areas of product design and engineering, financial management, marketing concepts, production methods and efficiency, or other areas adding significantly to industry competitiveness or success,” stated their release.

The Modular Building Institute makes substantial contributions to advance and grow the modular building industry, states industry sources. Vanguard Modular is a supporter of the MBI and extended their appreciation for the consideration and induction of Mr. Bennett into the Hall of Fame.


Carl Bennett, Vice President, Construction and Contract Services  – Bio

Formerly President of Bennett’s Trailer Company, Inc., and Bennett’s Construction Company, Carl Bennett brought with him 40 years of construction experience when he joined Vanguard Modular Building Systems, LLC in 2007. He has proven skills in all areas of sales, transportation, installation, modular building design, construction management, and contract negotiations. Carl Bennett has been responsible for the design and management of award winning modular building projects, and has successfully negotiated several multi-million dollar contracts. Although his primary role at Vanguard Modular Building Systems is that of Contract Manager, Mr. Bennett also serves as an adviser to management, including the construction teams. His expertise in successfully handling modular construction projects with complex requirements is a considerable asset to Vanguard Modular.

Carl Bennett is a graduate of Villanova University. He is distinguished as a charter member of the Mobile Modular Office Association (MMOA), later known as the Modular Building Institute (MBI). Mr. Bennett served as a member of the Board of Directors of Elm Towne Village, a retirement community in Atco, NJ, and Operation Stand Down, a military veterans support organization. Additionally, he is recognized for his military service, having been awarded the Vietnam service and campaign ribbons while a member of the U.S. Army.

The nomination by fellow employees, broad support within Vanguard Modular Building Systems, support from industry peers, and ultimate induction into the Hall of Fame are a true testament to Carl Bennett’s contributions and dedication to the modular building industry, ethical business practices, ability to achieve success, and desire to improve the industry for future growth and achievement,” per the release.


About Vanguard

Vanguard Modular Building Systems, LLC is a modular building dealer that leases temporary buildings and sells custom permanent modular classrooms, offices, and specialty buildings to industries including: education, commercial, industrial, healthcare, energy, oil & gas, corrections, government, and more.

MHProNews congratulates Bennett and Vanguard for this honor and distinction. ## (News, analysis and commentary.)

(Third party images, cites are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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Clayton Homes’ Keith Holdbrooks, Deer Valley Homebuilders’ (DVLY) Chet Murphree Honored

February 23rd, 2018 Comments off


The Alabama Manufactured Housing Association (AMHA) inducted Keith Holdbrooks, President of Clayton Home Building Group, and Chet Murphree, President and General Manager of Deer Valley Home Builders (DVLY), into the industry’s Hall of Fame during a ceremony held on the campus of Bevill State Community College.


It’s such a great honor to receive this award,” said Mr. Holdbrooks. “This award is not just about me. It’s about all my past and present relationships and team members. I wouldn’t be here accepting this award today without the support of great team members and being a part of great organizations. I’m a lucky guy.”


It is truly a humbling experience to be honored in this way by this industry that I love,” said Mr. Murphree. “And it is an honor to be inducted on the same day as Keith Holdbrooks, who helped me get my start in this industry. I’m thankful to receive this honor and blessed to have the opportunity to be work with outstanding people at Deer Valley Homebuilders and throughout my career. I would not be here today without them.”

Each year, “nominees for the Hall of Fame are chosen by the members of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association. The nominees are then voted on by all past Hall of Fame inductees who are still living. The two nominees are then formally inducted into the Hall of Fame in a ceremony held in Hamilton, Alabama,” said a release to the Daily Business News from the AMHA.


AMHA logo.

The AMHA shared some background and requirements for being nominated:

  • The nominee must have made a significant contribution to the industry or owned, managed, or been a part of a successful business that contributed to the manufactured housing industry.
  • The nominee must be active in the manufactured housing industry in Alabama for at least 10 years.
  • Including Mr. Holdbrooks and Mr. Murphree, there have been 48 inductees into the Manufactured Housing Industry Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was first established in 2001.


Keith Holdbrooks began his career in the manufactured housing industry in the 1980s as a sales representative,” says the AMHA’s release. “He has worked in every aspect of a home building facility, from the factory floor to president of one of the nation’s largest home builders. He held the positions of sales representative, sales manager, and then general manager with SE Homes’ Southern Home Division. He went on to become Chief Operating Officer and, ultimately, CEO of SE Homes before selling the company to Clayton Homes. In 2009, he became president of Clayton Home Building Group, where he oversees 10,000 employees working in 40 home building facilities, 12 supply facilities and five site-built companies.”

This industry has come a long way, and the leaders before us have brought us to this point,” said Mr. Holdbrooks, per the AMHA statement. Not that long ago, what we built were referred to as trailers. Then the term changed to mobile homes. Now they are called manufactured homes. I can tell you that the opportunity to change this industry over the next five years is tremendous. We are becoming closer and closer to simply being called a homebuilder. The goal for us, to me, is to be known not as a manufactured homebuilder, but simply a homebuilder. Life is what you make of the opportunities you are given. What you do with that opportunity for you, for your family and for others is what is important.”

Chet Murphree began his career managing and opening transportation terminals in Louisiana and Arkansas,” per Lance Latham, Deputy Director of the AMHA. “He joined the manufactured housing industry in 1994, and became General Manager of the Energy and LifeStyle Divisions of Southern Energy Homes. He rose to the position of Plant Manager for Clayton Homes in Savannah, Tennessee in 2003, then left to co-found Deer Valley Homebuilders in 2004. At Deer Valley, Mr. Murphree has worked as a salesperson, Sales Manager, General Manager and Vice President. He currently serves and President and General Manager of Deer Valley Homes, and sits on the company’s board of directors. Mr. Murphree also serves on the Board of Directors for the Alabama Housing Foundation and the Advisory Committee of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission. In 2015, Mr. Murphree was named by the members of the Alabama Manufactured Housing Association as Person of the Year.”

Deer Valley Homebuilders (DVLY) and Clayton Homes parent company, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A), are part of the Daily Business News market recap every evening. Last night’s closing numbers for both operations are linked here. ## (News, commentary, and linked data.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for

FHFA Publishes Final Evaluation Guidance for Duty to Serve Manufactured Housing, Rural, Underserved Markets by Government Sponsored Enterprises

November 29th, 2017 Comments off

Image credit, FHFA to the Daily Business News on

Almost a decade after the enactment of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA 2008) that birthed the Duty to Serve and the SAFE Act, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has published “its final Evaluation Guidance for the Duty to Serve Program.

In a release to MHProNews, the FHFA said, “FHFA’s Evaluation Guidance communicates FHFA’s expectations regarding the process for developing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s (the Enterprises) Underserved Markets Plans, the standard for FHFA to issue a “Non-Objection” to the Plans, and the process by which FHFA will evaluate the Plans and report to Congress the Enterprises’ achievements under their Plans each year.”

The Underserved Markets Plans, that propose the activities the Enterprises will undertake over a three year period to support housing finance in the manufactured housing, affordable housing preservation, and rural housing markets, are scheduled to be finalized before the end of the year, said the FHFA’s release.

Some top-line screen captures from the attachment, linked below include these.



The entire final guidance document provided by the FHFA is linked here.

The Daily Business News has noted that ROCs already have some chattel lending secured under a pilot program.

New Long-Term, Market Rate Loans in Manufactured Home Communities, Report, Reactions

Previous links on this topic are linked below.

“An Elephant Ass,” Understanding GSEs, Duty to Serve, Manufactured Home Lending

Duty to Serve (DTS) Manufactured Housing “Confidential Documents,” Draft and Downloads, FHFA, GSEs


Industry Should Stay the Course in Duty to Serve Efforts

MHARR’s Mark Weiss Reaction to Jim Ayotte’s GSE’s Duty to Serve Commentary

 “More of the Same,” Leader Says About Fannie Mae Duty to Serve Meeting

MHProNews will see industry input on this topic.  But the initial read is this is a “slow crawl, then walk” course – before there is hope of this becoming a ‘run’ in the finance sector of manufactured home chattel (personal property, home only) lending.  © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Frank Rolfe Video, Manufactured Housing Institute, Media Engagement, Context, Richard “Dick” Jennison, Manufactured Home Industry, and You

October 17th, 2017 Comments off

This is a still, the video is further below.

It’s axiomatic. Business professionals, and investors tend to be goal, results, profits, and solution oriented. The manufactured housing industry is no different.

Restating the above, professionals care about results.  Explanations of why something doesn’t work – which after a time, begins to resemble excuses – only lasts for so long in business.

The same is true in sports, or many other fields of endeavor.  Politics can be an exception to performance, but politics – while in the background of the industry and media – isn’t the focus of this Daily Business News report.

If you want to skip to the video, it’s below.  If you want the robust context, that follows next.


Frank Rolfe Video Comments on MHI, the Context

Several years ago, Frank Rolfe became part of a New York Times story by Gary Rivlin.  Several association, and business professionals from the industry were part of the response linked above to that story.

Rolfe and his partners, as many know, are currently ranked by some as the number 5 manufactured home community operator in the country, in terms of the total numbers of home sites in their portfolio/inventory.

Rolfe is also an MHI/National Communities Council (NCC) member.

The context for this video is a larger discussion that Rolfe was invited to be a part of, and was arranged by MHProNews on behalf of the South Central Manufactured Housing Institute (SCMHI). The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) was invited, but declined.

The topic was the importance of the industry engaging with the media.

As Rolfe explained to dozens of attendees, and will now by video address far more, he took a chance by engaging the media.  As the old saying goes, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It should be noted that UMH President and CEO Sam Landy has told MHProNews that they welcome media oversight.

Publicly traded UMH welcomes media oversight. So, why do some others in the MH Industry tend to avoid it?


Rolfe has argued that whatever the motive may be, it looks to the media and public like “the industry” has something to hide.


Compare/Contrast, Frank Rolfe’s Video Insights with Richard “Dick” Jennison, MHI President, CEO

It would be an exaggeration to say that MHI never engages with the media.  They have.

In no-spin fashion, for example, MHI engaged in 2015 with the PBS NewsHour.   That was done against the backdrop of their multiple years of effort to promote their “Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act” agenda in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill.



To see this video, click the image above.

MHI put out a pre-airing statement about the then upcoming PBS NewsHour segment that said in part, “As we have previously communicated, PBS NewsHour has been working on a story on the manufactured housing industry.  While the airdate has already been considerably delayed, we now understand that PBS is planning to air the story on Saturday, Jan. 2 (check your local listings for airtimes).”

The MHI statement, issued under Dick Jennison’s by-line, continued as follows, “We anticipate the segment will be approximately 8-10 minutes long when aired, and will be accompanied by web copy.  We have fully cooperated with the reporter and have tried to do our best to educate him on the dynamics of the manufactured housing industry, including challenges regarding legislation and regulations that are harming manufactured homeowners and our industry.  It is possible – even likely – that, for the sake of balance, the reporter has interviewed activists and others who do not share our views on the benefits of manufactured housing and the importance of legislative/regulatory reform of manufactured housing lending.”

The MHI/Jennison release to the industry then said, “Our PR consultant, Reputation Partners, is telling us we should expect a “fairly balanced report…”

The Daily Business News will return to that thought another time, but Jennison’s sentence continued, “but we know that the reporter has interviewed and will likely feature individuals and families who are living in manufactured housing and are struggling financially or otherwise.”

The entire MHI/Dick Jennison statement, republished here under fair use guidelines, is linked here as a download You can’t get more context than that, can you?

The Outcome of that MHI Media Engagement?

Here is a screen capture done today at 12:22 PM ET.  Notice there are hundreds of thousands of “hits” on their PBS article/video. But the number 5 search result was a published release by MHLivingNews/MHProNews that responded to the PBS NewsHour take-down of the industry, and the MHI backed bill.


343,000 ‘hits’ on the search results for the PBS NewsHour article and video, “Bad Bargain.” MHLivingNews and MHProNews published various responses to that, which researchers can still access.  Google “PBS NewsHour Bad Bargain Manufactured Homes” and see what results you get.

This screen capture above only reflects the first 5 search results. Rolfe also published a press release that was at the time the results above were captured, was also on page one of this Google search.

Where was MHI’s published result? MHProNews went to the source, and asked.

The Outcome of the PBS NewsHour Engagement

MHProNews asked MHI for a comment, and then for their ‘strongly worded’ rebuttal.  As the email from Jennison reflects in the screen capture below, not only did Jennison refuse to provide their rebuttal email, but he claimed that anyone who attempted to debunk the PBS NewsHour error, ”are either misguided or have a self-serving agenda.”

You can’t get more context than the screen capture of the entire message, and the original request. Does anyone in MHVille give as much context? Does anyone give as complete and analysis?



Seriously?  Or was this a case of MHI – CYA, and let’s try to help the industry forget that this ever happened?

Was Jennison calling Frank Rolfe and MHProNews/MHLivingNews publisher Tony Kovach, both MHI members at the time, misguided for trying to defend the industry and its members? 

Where those MHI members and other industry voices who joined that response – in Jennison’s view – “misguided” too?

Was Rolfe – a community owner, who along with thousands of others in the industry, who were potentially being harmed by the PBS NewsHour report – “misguided” – per Jennison – to defend his own businesses and profession?

Was MHLivingNews/MHProNews – which had at the time invested over 7 years in pro-industry efforts, including trying to help MHI pass their Preserving Access Bill – misguided for trying to at least try to clear up the errors of the PBS NewsHour report?

Or, as noted above, was MHI and Jennison trying to CYA, and get this behind them — and hopefully out of the industry’s busy, overworked memory?


Rolfe on Media Engagement Provides a Compelling Answer

Some de-facto MHI allies have attempted to portray MHProNews’ concerns and efforts to reform MHI – and avoid the next potential stumble – by learning from MHI’s past unforced errors, problems, and other various allegations.

So, to complete the tee-up for Rolfe’s video, MHProNews’ reminds Daily Business News readers that this publication responsibly tried entirely off-the-radar efforts to address the problems at MHI.


Later, those issues were lightly addressed.  Still later, more robust fact-checks of MHI took place.  Readers are encouraged to go back to the post linked, below.


During those years, MHI has largely failed to engage with the media, and when they have, it turned out much like the PBS NewsHour, or were paid advertorials, etc.

Rolfe’s Logic Live Statements

Rolfe, by contrast to MHI and Jennison, reasoned that the public impression will not change without an effort.

While Rolfe and this publication don’t see eye to eye on all subjects, we’re mindful of the Reagan motto – “My eighty percent friend is not my twenty percent enemy.”   That said, we tend to see the importance of MHI’s failures in engagement similarly.  So have others in the industry, as MHProNews has previously reported.

Given this robust context, here below is the Rolfe video.

Rolfe wasn’t even aware of Jennison calling “misguided” those who engaged the media or published a response to PBS, as noted above.  So Rolfe could not have been addressing Jennison directly.

That said, Rolfe’s comments – in less than 60 seconds – explains why Jennison et al were, and are, arguably mistaken.

Why It Matters to the Industry, and Why MHProNews is Serious On This Issue

One of the common comments MHProNews hears from industry members is that the mainstream media impacts our industry’s image.  Media and image therefor impacts the bottom-lines of industry businesses and professionals.

  • Is Rolfe right in saying that the industry must engage the media?
  • Or is Jennison right in saying that burying or ignoring bad newswhich the industry has done for decades without success
  • which of those two  are the better course of action?

Which approach – Jennison or Rolfe’s – is better for the bottom lines of the industry?


We Provide You Decide.” ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

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SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for

Kovach is the co-founder and a managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC the parent company of MHProNews, which is celebrating 9 years of serving the manufactured housing industry. While she didn’t do the video capture of Rolfe, she produced the Rolfe video shown.

Deadline for Nominations for the class of 2018 RV/MH Hall of Fame Closes on October 31

October 3rd, 2017 Comments off

RVMHHallofFameElkhartIndianaDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsDarryl Searer, Hall president told the Daily Business News (DBN) on MHProNews that, “The deadline for nominations for the Class of 2018 is October 31st, so we are encouraging all those who plan to nominate a candidate to get their paperwork submitted as soon as possible.”

Searer added, “The Hall welcomes nominations from all RV and manufactured housing sectors, such as, manufacturers, dealers, campgrounds, housing communities, suppliers, user groups, trade media, and associations.  Also, the Hall is now accepting nominations from the Canadian RV/MH industries.”

The nominating committee is especially interested in receiving nominations for deserving early pioneers who may have been forgotten…or overlooked in the past,” the Hall’s president said.

darryl searer rv mh hall of fame president rv mh credit posted Daily Business News, MHProNews

Darryl Searer, RV MH Hall of Fame.

Details on applying can be found at their press release to MHProNews, linked here.

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for

Betty Whittaker – State Association Executive of the Year; JD Harper – Jim Moore Excellence in Communications Award

October 2nd, 2017 Comments off

BettyWhittakerKMHIExecDirectorKentuckyManufacturedHousingInstituteLogoJDHarperJimMooreExecellenceCommunicationAwardWinner Betty Whittaker, is the Executive Director of the Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute (KMHI). She was recently awarded by her peers in MHEC the manufactured housing industry State Association Executive of the Year Award, per a release from Globe Newswire.

Whittaker is a 20-plus year manufactured housing industry veteran.  Her efforts helped assure the passage of a bill that allows a manufactured home to be severed from the land, and allow a new title to be obtained for that home.

That new law became effective in July 2017.


The Manufactured Housing Executives Council (MHEC) logo used under fair use guidelines. MHEC is made up of MH state and MH Community associations, MHARR, and MHI representatives.

Whittaker also worked with her state’s governor’s office and other groups to lobby for sales tax reform for manufactured housing.  Her efforts, in conjunction with KMHI members, led to change regulations that eliminated water testing requirements for communities that sub-meter.

Jim Moore Excellence in Communications Award

JD Harper and the Arkansas Manufactured Housing Association (AMHA) were  honored by receiving from their peers the Jim Moore Excellence in Communications Award.

The award is named for the late executive director of the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association (PMHA), who was known for his commitment to industry communications.


The AMHA created a video series to educate consumers and dispel myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes about modern manufactured homes.

The video series has been featured here on the Daily Business News on MHProNews and on MHLivingNews, at this link here.

DickErnst-creditMHC-MD-com-postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Association member manufacturers provided video and photos reducing the overall production costs for the project,” said the release. The videos have been reportedly been viewed thousands of times, and have spurred some other states to do similar projects.

MHProNews congregates them and Richard “Dick” Ernst for being awarded the Totaro Award for lifetime service to the industry in the finance field. This publication and others supported Ernst for the award for some time, an honor for the president of Financial Marketing Associates that was long overdue. ## (News, commentary.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

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Manufactured Home Pro Ralph Scoular honored in Arc of Dreams, Video

August 10th, 2017 Comments off

Ralph Scoular, Arc of Dreams. Image credits are as shown above.

The Arc of Dreams Sculpture is designed to recognize those who have made their dreams come true in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

One of the latest additions to the project is manufactured housing industry veteran, Ralph Scoular, founder of Iseman Mobile Homes back in 1958, KSFY tells MHProNews.

Iseman Homes made the transition from that mobile home era to today’s proud retailer for both modular and HUD Code manufactured homes in 10 states, according to the Iseman website.

Award-winning Iseman has locations in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.  They install homes throughout the Midwest.

It’s amazing the things he’s done. He’s fairly… how do you say it… conservative. He essentially was the manager of a large company, large manufactured housing dealership. Had several hundred locations, sold those to his employees. They run it now. He’s done a lot,” said Jeff, Scoular’s grandson.

Ralph Scoular didn’t stop with retail locations.

He now owns neighborhoods, like Hidden Meadows, throughout a large swath of South Dakota – in Sioux Falls, Pierre, Canton, and Madison.


Arc of Dreams, located in Sioux Falls, SD.

I don’t think there’s any way to duplicate what Rob’s done in the manufactured home industry, he’s an icon,” Jeff said. “It’s not something I could live up to. But I aspire to take his values, and what he thinks, to move forward. He’s done such a great job with that I continue to live that way myself.


Ralph Scoular, founder of Iseman Homes. credit, KSFY.

Over the years Scoular has been honored with various awards and achievements in the manufactured housing industry, including being inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in 1998.


RV MH Hall of Fame, southern facing view of the building, credit RV Business.

He was also a board member of South Dakota MHA, and organized South Dakota’s first manufactured housing show back in the 50s.

However, Scoular says there are more important things in life.

The place you live and family you live with. When you’re 92 years old, you’re talking about retiring. I don’t know if I ever completely retire.”

Even though Scoular is uncertain if he will “completely retire,” he recently sold the company to his grandson, Jeff, per KSFY.

Sioux Falls has been great, our residents and people who live here and work here. We’re invested in the community. Sioux Falls is one of those places it’s hard not to keep your dreams going because it’s a nice place to be,” Jeff said.

We enjoy everyday coming to work, making sure the community moves forward and our manufactured housing community is full and has residents that like to be here. That’s number one our priority. It means a lot,” the founder’s grandson said.


Jeff Scoular, grandson of Ralph Scoular and new owner of Iseman Homes. Credit, KSFY.

Along with all the honors from the industry over the years, Scoular will now have a plaque on the Arc of Dreams – a physical representation that dreams can come true, if you work hard enough for them.

It’s a real honor for me to be a part of that. I’m all for it. Have been since it started. I think it’s good for Sioux Falls along with Falls Park and other good things that have happened in Sioux Falls,” Ralph said. # # (News.)

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“Make MH Great Again” – Marty Lavin Exclusive

August 4th, 2017 Comments off

MakeMHGreatAgainMartyLavinManufacturedHousingIndustryCommentaryDailyBusinessNewsMHproNewsIt could prove to be one of the most controversial, witty, sarcastic, and challenging commentaries of the year about the state of the modestly growing manufactured housing industry.

The title MHI award-winning Marty Lavin has chosen isn’t “Make MH Great Again.” But that’s precisely what his unstated theme is.

Lavin looks at the facts.

He thoughtfully examines the industry’s “business model.”  Step by step, the actively retired veteran unpacks the present in light of the past that brought the industry to this stage.

The attorney and industry expert’s writings have long been of keen interest to investors, the GSEs, thousands of MH professionals, association leaders — and even the industry’s billionaires.

As his classic home in a posh Burlington neighborhood – and the fine three-level custom Italian vessel berthed in Miami reflect, Lavin’s years in the community, retail and finance sides of the manufactured home industry brought him significant success.

His points are not to be taken lightly.


Lavin’s must-read views will be live on the MHProNews home page Sunday night, August 6, 2017.  His commentary will be joined by over 18 featured articles, including several other notable industry professionals.  Don’t miss it. ## (News, commentary, scheduling, announcements.)

Update: Marty’s article is live on the home page, at this link here.

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Champion’s Eye-Catching Vista

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Champion Home Builders of Troy, Michigan revealed their award winning design last month for a 499 square foot manufactured home, designed to be a getaway cottage.

Dubbed ‘The Vista,’ it was reportedly designed in conjunction with Sun Communities.

The Vista features a mono-sloped roof, outside spiral staircase and an upper level balcony that helps give the design its name.

Champion tells MHProNews through their release that, “Inside, the mono slope roof translates into kitchen and living spaces illuminated with large transom windows.”

Markets Insider reports, “According to Bruce Thelen, vice president of sales at Champion Home Builders, the one bedroom, one bathroom vacation home floor plan incorporates many modern trends including a full-size kitchen with high-end finishes like a 30″ Euro range hood, a pot-filler faucet over the cooktop, a stainless steel farmhouse sink; transom windows, a spacious covered porch and an upper balcony featuring a glass railing.”

BruceThelenVPSalesMarketingChampionHomeBuildersTroyMIPostedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsToday’s home buyers demand innovative designs that reflect current housing trends showcased in the media,” said Thelen. “The Vista is part of our Contemporary Cottage Series which was developed jointly with Sun Communities. To be recognized for excellence in design by our peers is an honor, and we are excited to share these new homes with our customers.” ##

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