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British Report on Tough Talking Trump on Trade, Impact

July 7th, 2017

G20 GERMANY 2017 [July 7/8] | credit, Allkpop

With the G-20 summit underway, HotAir reports on a study out of England that says that President Donald J. Trump’s tough talk on trade could be working for the U.S.

It isn’t just the Brits and G20 conference.  China is asking the U.S. not to punish them with sanctions over the North Korean issue, per CBS.

On that same note, HotAir, said, Right now, the options for non-military intervention all lie in Beijing, which is why Trump issued his barely veiled threat yesterday about trade relations with China. Nikki Haley reiterated the threat yesterday at the UN, demanding that China take a more active role in disarming its client state.”

But it’s the G20 report out of London that ought to cause politicos, professionals and the public looking for brighter days ahead to sit up and take notice.

As “the Center for Economic Policy Research in London has just reported that the other 19 G-20 economies took 52 steps against United States commercial entities in the first six months of this year,” said HotAir.

That may sound bad, but the kicker is that’s down 29 percent from the same period last year under President Obama.

Their summary of the British report also indicated that “These actions against U.S. interests include quotas, duties and tariffs on imports from the U.S., measures against dumping and tax incentives for exporters that could adversely U.S. companies.”


Economic Impacts, Impact Manufactured Housing Industry

In a complex national and global economy, the combination of trade, discouraging illegal immigration, creating more incentives for American companies to expand and higher through regulatory and planned tax and healthcare reforms, are all part of what some economists have dubbed, Trumponomics.

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An insight report on that and wages will be planned for the near term on the Daily Business News. ##

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