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Bid Online for FEMA Home

February 24th, 2012

OzarksFirst tells the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has begun selling some of the temporary manufactured housing units brought to Joplin, Missouri following the deadly hurricane that struck May 22, 2011. 586 total homes have been brought to Joplin, 470 of which remain occupied. Residents have 18 months to live at no cost. The government chose to sell the used units rather than paying to have them shipped to a staging area and revamped. The unused ones will return to FEMA awaiting the next need. Russ Edmonston of FEMA says the goal is to move everyone out of the temporary units ahead of the November deadline. “It’s a very good story. People are using our units, and moving on to permanent housing,” he says. All of the manufactured homes are sold “as is”, and some may have a few furnishings. 38 have been sold so far. To bid, go to

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