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Becoming a Standout Performer, Monday Morning Sales, Marketing Meeting

August 13th, 2018



There are certain basics that many marketing and sales coaches teach.


Among them is a simple, yet profound concept.

It’s this.

Set yourself apart from the crowd.  

Do so in a compelling fashion. 

Make a customer’s experience with you a memorable one.  

There’s a variety of ways to be unique that are entirely ethical, and good for the consumer.

Keep in mind that in the background of all that we write, say, and do, is a core foundational notion that honestly obtained business is the most sustainable.

For example, one should not over promise, nor to under deliver. It’s sad how many sales or leasing agents fall into the trap of unnecessary hyperbole. It costs you more business than you can imagine. 

So, how can you stand out in a way that will be hard for a prospective customer to forget? 

How can you stand out in a way that’s hard for a competitor to duplicate? Glad you asked…


By Being in the Spotlight!

Among our clients, I frankly can’t think of one that does every single thing that we teach. Why not? Perhaps because when they use even a percentage of what we recommend, their sales soar. So does their customer satisfaction. 

Part of what we often do is help a company or professional by spotlighting them as third-party media.  Let me tell you, for millions of potential buyers – positive third party media means more than a shelf or wall full of awards. 

Don’t get me wrong, because getting legitimate awards are nice.  

But far more impressive to many is being highlighted in a good way by third-party media, it’s just cool. 

Once I learned the power of that first-hand years ago, it made sense to buy a fancy frame for a each published article that featured our firm, or my work.  

Many will never look at an award. But a big framed article? That causes many people to walk over and take a look.


Applying that Principle to MHVille Marketing and Sales

Anyone can make a video today, and upload it to Facebook, YouTube, a website or where-ever.  Because it’s common, it’s kind of “meh.” Like patting your own back. 

But not everyone has third-party media come in and do an interview. There are operations I know that have spent tens of thousands on videos that do little or nothing to move the needle on sales. 

By contrast, we can produce a video that will result in a significant ratio of closed deals. What the difference?


We only spotlight clients who make themselves known to be our clients. We’ve helped retailers, communities, factories, financial services, and other manufactured housing industry operations grow. Got a budget? Then odds are good, we can help your organization grow too.


The Secret…

It’s the difference between making or hiring a video done, and having a recognized third-party media do video interviews.

I won’t embarrass someone, but there was an operation that had a team member on a national newscast for maybe thirty seconds. They were naturally aglow about it. Why? National, third-party media.

Apply that to yourself and your operation. 

Imagine the following.

You’re lobby has a video screen. On that screen is a silently playing video loop. You and/or a team mate(s) are in that video loop. So are some of your smiling customers. They are taking to a third-party media interviewer.

When a video is done by third party media, the viewer is far more impressed than something that looks like a commercial.

Thus our style of third party media makes you stand out. 

That makes your operation more memorable. 

Given that video loop, or a still award, which will someone more likely look at?  

One more tip. Given that video loop, once the waiting customer sees that video loop, they are far more likely to walk over and look at your awards.

There’s much more to sustained success, of course, but that one will get the wheels of your mind turning today.

Learn, earn, and return. The above is just part of a complete marketing and sales process that’s proven to get more bottom-line results. ##   (Manufactured housing related marketing & sales news, analysis, and commentary.)

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