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Aussie Modular Home is Extremely Green

June 3rd, 2015

ecoliv_modular__australia__treehugger__creditAustralian modular builder Ecoliv built a show home for the 2014 Sustainable Living Festival, according to treehugger. It features numerous green attributes including a vertical garden at the front entryway, a dry-tolerant garden fed with greywater and water cachement, a 2 kilowatt grid-connected solar system and solar hot water, electric car charging and high efficiency appliances.

Most North American modular builders build with plywood, MDF board and particle board, but Ecoliv uses Foilboard which insulates and does not have any formaldehyde. Even the sustainably harvested timber framing has a low formaldehyde content, and the finishes are all low VOC. The active and passive air circulation systems pass air through strategically placed louvred windows to insure air quality.

The structure achieves an eight star rating on the Australian system, whereby, as MHProNews understands, the potential thermal comfort of Aussie homes are measured on a scale from zero to ten stars—the higher the number of stars, the less likely the need for a heating or cooling system to remain comfortable. ##

(Photo credit: treehugger/Ecoliv–energy efficient modular home)

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