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Affordable Modular Housing in the South Pacific

October 22nd, 2012 Matthew Silver

Marianas Variety reports from Micronesia in the South Pacific the first green-designed modular homes are becoming commercially available as affordable housing on the island. Nanum Consulting Corp. is partnering with Guam HNC Inc. and Guam Nexus C&D to build steel-framed affordable one and two-bedroom homes for $50,000. The homes have typhoon and earthquake resistance qualities, as well as materials that resist fire and termites. As MHProNews has learned, the estimated construction rate of $80-85 a square foot is 30 percent less than the island standard of $125 a square foot for site-built homes, and the one and two-bedroom modular homes can be erected in 30 days.

(Photo credit: Matt Weiss/Marianas Variety)

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