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“California Dreaming” – TB, Disease Exploding – KOMO Spotlights Tragic Spread of Homelessness in City of Angeles

July 2nd, 2019

There are an estimated one million rats in Los Angeles – L.A. – the largest city in the “Golden State” of California.


Diseases not common in modern times are coming back with a vengeance.

In the modern version being played out today on the streets of Los Angeles and almost every other major city in the state, tens of thousands of the homeless are desperate for shelter, services and of course, drugs,” says KOMO’s YouTube page. 

KOMO was the news station which produced the viral “Seattle is Dying” video report.

There are “Lots and lots of drugs. Eric Johnson reports on Paradise Lost: Homeless in Los Angeles.”

There are some 36,000 homeless in LA, about 59,000 in the county, per KOMO’s report.

The video shows you the result of what $620,000,000 spent by LA to ‘fight’ homelessness. $620 million. Where did that much money go, when there are so many homeless? That’s about $17,222 per homeless person.



Earlier today, the Daily Business News on MHProNews spotlighted President Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson, and part of that interview focused on this explosion of homelessness on the streets of major cities, such as L.A., NY City, San Francisco, Seattle, and other metros.  The president says that a common denominator is that these are cities run by Democrats, a liberal “establishment.”


President Trump Mulls Federal Action Intervening on Homeless Crisis in U.S. Cities


During the recent Democratic debates, housing was brought up by a few of the candidates, but not all. In their defense, it wasn’t a question that NBC News asked, and given short times for an answer, it is perhaps not surprising that more didn’t speak out.

But what sources suggest is that housing will be a serious topic in the 2020 campaigns.  The president and the GOP is clearly laying the foundation for their case.  Democratic hopefuls have spoken outside of the debate arena about some huge proposed programs, but some in the industry say those plans could prove harmful to the interests of manufactured housing.

This will be a topic that MHProNews will monitor and report on. Until next time, while opportunity knocks, tragedy seems to be thumping much louder.

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