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$2,500 Bamboo and Wood House Measures 861 Square Feet

June 25th, 2015

cambodia framework project   building trust internatinal  creditCambodia’s two-story pilot Framework House, built of bamboo and wood, was initially aimed at families afflicted with HIV who are in poor health, but will now be targeted generally to those with low incomes. A collaboration of Atelier COLE, Habitat for Humanity Cambodia and Building Trust International, the family for whom it’s intended gets to choose the layout they need. For example, they might want it to double as a small store or for keeping livestock.

Costing $2,500 (USD), gizmag tells MHProNews the 861 square foot sustainable home features recyclable material for insulation: earth bags, plastic bottles and clay bricks were used on the ground floor, while wattle and daub, split and woven bamboo insulate the top floor. A small solar panel provides sufficient electricity for charging a mobile phone or using a water pump, while a solar powered light illuminates the inside.

Operable shutters provide ventilation and the large overhanging roof feeds into two separate water cachements tanks for cooking, drinking and washing. Local builders and local materials are used throughout. The home is elevated because of flash flooding. ##

(Photo credit: Building International Trust)

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