Website Reviews Help Avoid Fatal Website Marketing Mistakes

If you want to get you money's worth from your website, you need to be sure that you avoid these deadly mistakes:

  • Poor content – often caused by unfocused text that tries to do too many things on one page. Remember the mantra "One page, purpose."
  • Page titles that don't match content and don't use proper keywords.
  • Page headings that don't match page title and content and don't make proper use of keywords.
  • Page URLs that don't match page title, heading and content and don't make proper use of keywords.
  • Incoherent page URLs
  • Image filenames that don't contain keywords
  • Missing or misused image ALT tags.

If your website is suffering from any of these problems, it is costing you money!

Stop the bleeding right now!

Website Review can get you back on the right track and provide you with a written report on the action you should take to get your website in top form.

  • Page-by-page report on your website.
  • Complete report delivered to you by email.
  • Complete with recommendations on what your should do next.
  • White-hat SEO techniques only – no tricks that will impress you now but cause you to lose your valuable Search Engine ranking later.
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