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The Bad News

April 3rd, 2013 No comments

Bad news often travels faster than good news. For the media, “If it bleeds, it leads!” Your team mates may be the first ones to toss you under the bus, even if you've done good things (sometimes, especially because you've done good things).

People talk about CYA for a reason, because they know the 'bad news' drill.

Perhaps it is just part of our human nature, but the reality is that you can't please everyone and thus have to work harder to make a good reputation for your business. In the internet age, you can get torched by anonymous emails, or websites placed online for the very purpose of torching another. Online ratings (1 to 4 stars, etc.) also make it easy for people to dish out less than kind (or fair…) feedback.

So dealing with “Bad News” means you have to supply your residents, your customers and others with a steady supply of Good News!

In the age of micro-blogging – which includes, but is not limited to Twitter or Facebook – it is interesting to note that some say the trend in marketing may be back towards longer content, especially if it sports graphic images and the message is focused on your target market's interests. The Dan Kennedy marketing crowd would not be surprised by this trend.

If you have a website, but don't have a blog, the short answer is 'start one!' Blogging done correctly enhances your website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Blogs are a handy way of getting and sharing 'good news' with your target audience.

Sharing Good News

For those who already have a website, there are lots of blogging plug ins available (just Google blogs, blog software, blog plug ins), along with third party hosted blogs, etc. If you want to hire installing a blog onto your website or need a new or updated website, there are companies like our webtech division that do that for others.

Not a writer?

If you aren't a writer, consider hiring one part time or by the article.

Another approach is to invite guest articles by knowledgeable or respected people in the field. Our Industry Voices Guest blog has had some 200 articles submitted, which is more than one a week on average since we launched it.

A third approach can be to use more photos or videos – that you can post on YouTube – as a primary or major means of communication for your blog posts.

When you share news – good news – to your readers/visitors, you can do so in short messages, long or in between. Some of the keys for successful blogging include, but are not limited to:

  • Consistency. If you set out to blog once or twice a week, stick with it! Don't start out great guns, and then falter.
  • It takes time to build your audience. Again, persistence and consistency are keys for long term success.
  • Use the SEO and Tag functions build into your blog, see below.
  • Accuracy in SEO and Tags. Don't put keywords or tags into the SEO portions of your blog post that don't apply. Below you will see an example of the keywords/tags used in an article on Industry Voices. Everyone of those key words were used in the article it was associated with. That makes the article's keywords/tags relevant. Relevance over time will enhance your blog – and website's – SEO and 'authority' with the search engines.


If Bad News Hits You

What if truly bad news hits you and your business? If you've established a blog, you now have the ability to respond to it. You can say what the 'bad news' is and then give it your side of the story in a way that doesn't cross any boundaries.

Today, blogging has become part of the 'alternative media.' Some reporters and writers have 'made it big' by blogging. As a rule, those success stories focused on putting out quality work and doing so consistently.

For the success stories where blogging was used to help build a business, there are thousands of examples of businesses using blogging to grow. is in these both of these groups, so we are living proof that blogging can and does pay off when you do it properly.

But don't take my word for it. When it comes to blogging, take Nike's advice: “Just do it.” ##

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Someone’s Floor is someone else’s Ceiling…

February 20th, 2013 No comments

An article was emailed to me that caught my eye. In sharing this, let me tee it up by confessing that one of my favorite writer's is Nadeen Green, the attorney who writes for us and uses the moniker, “The Fair Housing Lady.” As the moniker implies, her specialty is Fair Housing Law, but she makes a dry legal subject lively with stories, interesting spins on a topic, humor and much, much more. Nadeen writes for the apartment industry (example below, ForRent) too, and a headline to one of her articles served as a reminder to me that our Industry ought to be drumming early and often with a key target market.

In training sessions with our clients, we talk about the fact that 'you don't share a wall, ceiling or floor' with a manufactured home. Technically, with MODs or even with HUD Code manufactured homes, you can build multi-family housing. But retailers and manufactured home communities are busier selling to the public at large vs. to developers. So it is a safe bet that most of the retail clients are going to be single family housing customers.

With apartments at or near capacity and with many markets experiencing rising rental rates, the timing is very good to market to those apartment dwellers!

  • Make a check list of all the factors that yield a favorable comparison between us and the apartment housing option.
  • Compare notes with your team members.
  • Then, boil those down to high impact power phrases!

In marketing and in sales, always do a 360 degree look. See things from:

  • Your target market's perspective. That includes the other options they may have. In this case, apartments.
  • Your company's perspective. Owners and team members have similar, but also different perspectives.
  • Your perspective. If you think through the above carefully, you can craft a plan that fits for others and will reward you in the process. That is how you get to 'yes,' that is how you get to 'win-win.'

In closing this column for today, let's mention that be it Nadeen Green, or any of our other authors, you can go to the home page and use the search tool at the top right to find more columns. Or you can jump to our search page. If you really want to be 'high tech,' open up a Google tab (or your favorite search engine) and type in + "Nadeen Green"

or any other author's name in the quotes, example “Tim Connor” and you'll see a string of very focused results.

We hope to see you in Tunica for our free marketing and sales “how to” workshop: Attracting More Customers With Cash or Good Credit. The techniques we use – when properly applied – will drive new business to retailers, communities, developers and those who serve them. We will also be in Booth 9 in the Hallway, right next to the business building seminar room. That's it for today! ##

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford

Mobile Web for Smartphones?

December 9th, 2012 No comments

CNN Money reported in October 2012 that the number of active U.S. smartphones increased 57% to 95.8 million, and tablets grew 17% to 15.2 million. CNN: “In a sign that wireless habits are changing, voice minute usage increased just 1% to 1.2 trillion minutes, while texting increased 16% to 1.2 trillion messages.“

The CTIA's – “the wireless association” – president and former NFL wide receiver, Steve Largent, said “Americans love wireless and continue to rely on the most cutting-edge and innovative devices."

Largent added: "Clearly, we're using wireless more every day, and the consensus of experts is that demand will continue to skyrocket by more than 50 times within the next five years."

Given such facts and projections, it is no surprise that the access of the internet via smart phones, iPads and other tablets have skyrocketed.

As a result, one of the new 'pitches' by web developers to their prospects is to offer 'mobile friendly versions' of your website, for an added fee, of course.

Is a mobile version necessary?

First, you have to ask yourself what your target market is. The mobile web can be helpful with some groups, products and services. We have and do mobile friendly web-work with select clients and projects.

That said, let's be candid. If your website doesn't have a mobile friendly platform, it will tend to display the same (only smaller) on your smart phone or tablet as it does on your laptop or computer. Some nice looking websites (FoxNews is one of many that comes to mind) look pretty bland on their mobile web platform. So why would you and your company give up the better look AND pay more money?

More Important!

Certainly, should you decide to do a mobile web friendly site, offer your visitors the option to pick the normal view as well as the mobile friendly version.

Apple's iPads and iPhones don't support flash, so if your website uses them…they won't display!

Perhaps more important than the mobile web version is to have an appealing website, that displays properly across various web-platforms. For example, Adobe's Flash is popular for 'animations' and more, but because Steve Jobs and Adobe didn't get along well, Apple didn't provide support on their browsers for Adobe's Flash.

As an example, take a look at our website. That slide show animation on the home page could have been built in Flash, but it wouldn't have been visible on millions of mobile/Apple devices. So we built it using a different display technology instead.

The day may come when mobile web aps are a must have. But today, when designing or updating your website, make sure it is as cross platform friendly as possible. Otherwise, you may pay a lot of money for something that many won't see. ##

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford

What are the ways to reach your target market?

July 2nd, 2012 No comments

How you reach your target market depends in part on who that market is. It may sound like heresy coming from a marketer at first, but some target markets would not be worth advertising to using most venues. For example, if the market targeted are too small or are highly specialized – then instead of online or print advertising – mail, phone and an in person visits could be the best and most cost effective ways to connect and get business.

For some, an annual trade show circuit may be the best. It all depends on your target market.

Business to business (B2B) prospects are targeted – and the content may be crafted – quite

differently that business to consumer (B2C).

For example, traditional printed yellow pages books would be okay if you are a doctor, attorney or plumber. For factory built housing, not so much! Traditional yellow pages are usually wasted cash beyond a simple, free listing in those yellow pages.

Websites are almost always a good tool, even if the targeted market is small.

Walden University Marketing Instructor,Lisa Tyler has cited a textbook and studies in discussions that showed that at least some 90% of all product research is being done online. The keys to making a website profitable include, but are not limited to:

> an appropriate layout, presentation and message;

> strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO);

> cost-effective ways to drive traffic to that site.

Are You Using Address Specific Websites?

One method we see under-used by many clients and companies we work with on

website marketing, layout and design was touched upon by a recent post in a LinkedIn

real estate group. If you are targeting the public at large, are you:

> using multiple websites?

> using cross traffic linkage where possible?

> do you have address specific sites, say in a development or manufactured home


Tony worked with a traditional real estate company that had literally dozens of websites. They had a full time staff that did nothing but photos and websites. This was in a very small market, not a big one, but there were other agencies all in that same area. Why did they do so much online? Why did they have address specific web pages? Because it helped them dominate their local market. There robust strategy online made that agency the #1 realtors in that market area.

As noted, individual property listing websites where part of that firm's strategy. Partially as a result of that experience, Tony and company have used multiple websites for many manufactured housing clients, and guess what happened? In most cases, the call-in, walk in and email traffic shot through the roof.

With an address specific website, if someone is looking for a home in say Tucumcari, NM, your one web-page may come up, due in part to having a specific address! You may get exposure that way you when you would not by normal or more costly means.

Such address websites can be a single page. Quick and easy to put up, relatively low cost,

far cheaper than most print ads or a mailing may be.

Before you start any marketing project,

  • think carefully about your target market;
  • brain storm with your team or colleagues
  • make a list of all the ways you can reach your target market.

Then, measure twice, cut once. Depending on your budget, think about the best ways to reach the targeted market.

If you need pros who know B2B or B2C in manufactured housing, before you spend a dime, please give us a call. ##

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Factories increasing sales in a down market

June 27th, 2012 No comments

We have all heard the old saying about taking and using the best of the old and new.

Professional sporting teams practice the basics daily, the tried and true. But they also watch video on themselves, get scouting reports on competitors and test and use new plays and technologies too. Savvy business professionals do the same. How can manufactured housing professionals profitably apply those principles?

Let's look at a visual example.

First, we know the power of words. But using images to communicate effectively is as old as the drawings done by cave dwellers ages ago. Communication is crucial to all success. Businesses must communicate internally. Manufactured home business and associations also have to communicate externally to their target market and members too.

Cartoons never faded away from style. In fact, they are back stronger than ever.

mhmarketingsalesmanagement cartoons

mhmarketingsalesmanagement cartoons

mhmarketingsalesmanagement cartoons

mhmarketingsalesmanagement cartoons

While these cartoon messages are directed to our readers, think about how this concept could be applied to your target market. Examples of some cartoons pointed toward the MH home owner are found at that target the MH homeowner or shopper.

mhmarketingsalesmanagement cartoons

mhmarketingsalesmanagement cartoons

mhmarketingsalesmanagement cartoons

I've worked with dozens of manufacturers, log homes, pre-cut and panelizers over the years on sales training systems. But I confess that coming on board with has been eye opening for me too.

mhmarketingsalesmanagement cartoons

Don't get me wrong, I've had a website for years, and stay up on trends. But there is such a different dynamic when you are working with a team of professionals who make good results happen for their clients.

Plus, Tony and company give back to the Industry daily through and informational articles, blogs and ideas. Now, they are giving back through – a new, fast growing online resource dedicated to promoting the manufactured home lifestyles value and appeal.

When sales increase, when professionalism increases, amazing things take place for everyone involved.

  • When factories sell more, then more association dues are generated.
  • More revenue for associations means they can do an ever better job Protecting, Promoting and Educating the Industry.
  • Retailers and Communities do better.
  • Lenders, Insurance and vendor/suppliers of all kinds benefit as well.
  • The Image of our Industry improves.
  • Customer satisfaction rises. More referrals.
  • The circle grows…

When you need professional web, marketing, sales, management or other outsourced solutions for your manufactured housing needs, who are you going to call? One email or call starts it all. ##

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