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Happy Memorial Day – A Social Networking Opportunity for You

May 29th, 2010 No comments

American flagAs we observe Memorial Day weekend, we all deserve a chance to kick back with friends and family and enjoy some time away from the day-to-day. As a reminder of what this holiday is all about, President Obama has asked that all flags be flown at half-staff to honor those whose serve our country and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This year let’s all take a few moments to remember them and what they’ve accomplished for us – often at great cost.

Then relax and enjoy your weekend.

But come Tuesday, we need to begin again. Our economy is now in recovery. And even though the recovery isn’t happening as fast or as deep as we might like, things are improving.

Now is the time to build – for now and the future.

I talk with small business people a lot. Retailers, community owners and small businesses of every stripe have a lot in common. Their owners and those employed by them work hard to build their own businesses and, by extension, the national economy.

And sales and marketing is where it all begins. Tom Watson the founder of IBM put it this way: “Nothing happens until a sales is made.” The sale is where the money begins it’s journey from consumer to retailer to wholesaler to manufacturer and back to the consumer in the form of a salary.

In these times, the importance of SocialNomics to this cycle gets more important every day. But I hear businesses saying things like “I know the importance of Social Networking, but I just don’t have the time.” I understand. After putting 50, 60 or more hours into your business, it’s tough to clear your head and put even more time into social networking.

Well, here at, we publish just about all our content to an RSS feed that is then picked up on our Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page. Articles, association news items, posts from all of our blogs, Press Releases and more.

Send us your association or company news, write an article, submit a post for our Industry Voices blog, or send us a press release. If it fits our guidelines, we’ll publish it and it will get some good exposure through Facebook, Twitter and our RSS feeds.

You can get our guidelines and complete instructions for submitting content to here.

There’s never been an easier way for you to get some SocialNomics exposure for your business – do it today.

Using Social Media to Build Your Image

April 16th, 2010 No comments

After posting a link to one of MHMSM’s April articles on MHMSM’s Facebook Fan Page, a long-time friend commented on my post with some questions she had about manufactured housing. Her questions presented a golden opportunity to give some information about the quality and advantages of factory-built housing. If you’re not using Social Media to engage consumers, you’re missing the boat.

Here is an image of that Facebook conversation:

Image of Facebook conversation

Brief as it was, it can be read by many others and have a multiplying effect of a positive nature.

In the first issue of, I submitted a short post with the video SocialNomics. This would be a good time to have a look at that video if you missed it the first time around.

It took about a minute to post my response, but I’ll bet that I’ll receive many times that in value.

It’s a New Dawn for Marketing Manufactured Housing

October 11th, 2009 2 comments

Providing affordable housing in today’s world is becoming increasingly difficult for those stuck in old marketing paradigms. A new generation of buyers are coming into the market and they don’t care about TV and radio advertising, they don’t read newspapers and magazines and they hold the keys to your future success. Are you ready?

This video has the power to astound, surprise and maybe even shock you. But pay attention. The opportunity is golden and the time is now.

“Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Welcome to the World of Socialnomics”