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Shopping with Soheyla, Savvy Holiday Tip!

December 8th, 2013 No comments

(Editor's note to: Regular Cutting Edge Readers, we will pause this week, to present a special Shopping with Soheyla! We will return to our regular topics next week, but do read this, because it ties into everything that we pros ought to do!)

s-shopping-with-soheyla-75x75-mhstore-In the inaugural Shopping with Soheyla! readers were teed up for a savvy shopping tip. We also peeked at how we could shop our way to success in manufactured housing. We will begin with a number Tony shared with me, which was quite amazing. If just 10% of all manufactured housing pros shopped online with our savings-focused MHStore – using the same sites you may already use – we could start a half-million dollar marketing campaign to boost the industry. You should be that 1 in 10!

Tony will tell people in Louisville how much can be done with that $500,000. It is more than you might imagine, because it will improve the image of our industry and thus boost sales for all involved.

Enough of that for now, because now it's time to stop and shop!


s-shopping-with-soheyla-75x75-mhstore-I teased you with the true story of a perfume, purchased at Northbrook Court in Glenbrook, IL – sold as an exclusive in a store north Chicago suburb. $175 at the time and worth every penny. But when I was ready to buy it again, I went to eBay and found it for $65, same box, same bottle, same scent, full guarantee, everything!

This isn't my only super-bargain, brand new-out-of-the-manufacturer's box find on eBay! Once a red-hot site, many have now "forgotten" about using it. Don't be one of those who overlooks it, using eBay can save you money! 

Click Here

You try it! Compare and see for yourself the next time you want to do some bargain hunting for the same name brand items.  Only you can and should pay less!

Next, is Amazon! You may already use Amazon for books and other of the tens of thousands of more name-brand bargains.

The make it a point to shop Amazon through the MHStore! When you do, you will be supporting the MH Image and Education Campaign! (MHIECampaign)

Before you start to shop, just click through the MHStore!! When you do, about 2% of what you buy will support the MHIECampaign.

Please stop by our booth #115 at the Louisville Show and say hi. Get a free photo you can use in marketing with our son Tamas. It grabs attention for the retailers and communities who have done this!

More shopping tips are coming your way. 🙂 See you again in our next episode of Shopping with Soheyla! ##

s-shopping-with-soheyla-75x75-mhstore-Soheyla Kovach does IT/Webtech and support services for Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent to and,black-friday-christmas-sale-savings-online-walmart-best-buy-amazon-ebay-orbitz-cheapo-tickets-car-hotel-rentals-travel-150x150 among other online factory built housing industry focused platforms.

Soheyla was once 'scared' to shop online, and now she loves it! Come Shopping with Soheyla. Brag about your treasures and finds through the MH Store and please put Shopping with Soheyla in the subject line, thanks! Or call 863-213-4077. If you go to voice mail, please leave a message, Soheyla may be shopping!