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Does the latest news about Sears have a message for Manufactured Housing retailing?

December 28th, 2011 1 comment

Sears Holdings, Inc has announced that Sears/Kmart will close between 100 and 120 stores in 2012. Pressure from Walmart, Target and Best Buy, among others, has been cited. As USA Today reported:

"But the big problem, analysts say, is Sears hasn't invested in remodeling, leaving its stores uninviting."
"There's no reason to go to Sears," said New York-based independent retail analyst Brian Sozzi, "It offers a depressing shopping experience and uncompetitive prices."
We all want to be proud of our business and location(s). But how often do we ask the question, how do we in manufactured housing look or appeal to visitors and potential customers?
Do we create curb appeal?
Do we create a message of great quality as well as value?
Once a customer arrives, do our sales and leasing offices as well as our new or pre-owned homes look inviting inside and out?
The fundamentals – the basics – of retailing apply to our industry the same as it does for others. The fundamentals of business and professional success should be part of our planning and execution.
If your location looks dreary, take heart. There are steps you can take and messages you can craft that can make a positive impact.
What you shouldn't do is have 'hope' as your strategy.
'I hope the economy turns around…
'I hope MH lending loosens up…
'I hope business gets better…
As a pair of winning football coaches interviewed on TV said recently, hope is not a play in our play book. You craft a plan based on your resources and market. Then you execute that plan as best you can. That is how every success or turn-around gets done!
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One of many lessons from Sears – which some predict will file for bankruptcy before the end of 2012 – is that you have to invest in your business and constantly adapt to changes in the market. Don't get stuck doing the same things the same way and expect a different result. That is the definition of insanity. We believe if you were insane, you wouldn't be on the website reading this blog post! Make a plan for success and work that plan. ##