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Who Kicked Your Cat?

July 24th, 2014 No comments

Zig Ziglar continues to teach and inspire me, even after passing onto his eternal reward. We all encounter people, personally and professionally, whose attitude is clearly off. At such times, it is wise to be patient and to ask or reflect on Zig's question, “Who kicked your cat?”

The person doesn't even have to be a pet owner for this to apply. The cat is a metaphor for something someone cares about, and that something has been “kicked” or injured, and so the person with 'the kicked cat' isn't in a good mood! The possible causes are many, and often may have nothing to do with you.

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On the consulting and training sides of our operation, we are big believers in positive attitude, but also for tuning in to what the prospect is thinking or feeling. Selling isn't manipulation! At its best, selling is the noble process allowing your or a colleague to successfully engage a person to best determine the prospects needs and abilities, and then professionally guide them to the best options that fit. If you've done your job well, the customer isn't so much 'sold,' as they buy.

If the prospect or the person you are meeting or talking with is in a foul mood, think, what is the cause?

To do that professionally, you have to be focused more on them than on you. When you note that someone is in a foul or off mood, it's best to think HALTS. HALTS describes the routine causes for someone being 'off.'

  • Hungry
  • Angry
  • Lonely
  • Tired
  • Sick/Stressed

Once you discover which of these HALTS factors may be upsetting the balance for yourself or another, it is easier to address and thus get on with the tasks at hand.

people often say that motivation doesnt last well neither does bathing, which is why we recommend it daily - zig ziglar-posted-cuttingedgeblog-mhpronews-com

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Professionals need daily motivation. Who says? Zig Ziglar, who inspired tens of thousands to do more, including our industry's legend, Jim Clayton! We provide that motivation in articles by Ziglar himself, by thoughtful, successful professionals such as Tim Connor, or by submissions by myself or a number of others to our industry leading motivational module, our free INspirations blog.


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I've said it before, and will do so again. Let me recommend that you keep your team informed daily on their industry and on better ways to present the great stories about manufactured and modular homes! 15 minutes a day is the minimum you and your team should be on this site, and 7 minutes daily on At the end of a year, don't be surprised when you find that your team is doing so much more than they ever did before; and have a better 'can-do' mindset too.

FYI, when you need a corporate or association speaker, marketing, a sales coach or trainer, you can contact me at the phone or email below. If I can't help you, I'll point you to others if needed.


What's your best investment?
If you don't answer your career or your business, think again.
Which do you have more influence over, your business, or someone else's?

Growth happens because you invest time and resources in yourself and your people. Who says? Ask the legends, almost all of them would agree that applied knowledge is powerful and profitable. ##

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Golfing and Manufactured Housing Sales

August 30th, 2013 No comments

I was listening one Sunday to a motivated golfer. He was maybe 30ish and clearly wanted to be good at the game. So he took lessons. Afterward all the lessons, he went out for a round and began by thinking about all of the things he was supposed to do.

He thought about:

  • his stance,
  • his grip on the club,
  • how high the ball was supposed to be on the tee,
  • his hip rotation during the stroke,
  • his follow through,
  • and all the other things the golfing coach was trying to teach him.

He stood there with his ball on the tee, thinking about all of these things he was supposed to do.

Then he brought his club back up, went for the swing and connected with the ball. It soared up into the air! It went about 200 yards, and landed in the middle of the fairway! But…

…it was the neighboring fairway that it landed in.

He went after the ball. You can imagine his thoughts.

When he got to the ball on the 'wrong' fairway, he looked back towards the hole that was his goal and, lo! There was a break in the trees just where he needed to hit the ball in order to go back towards the hole that was his goal.

Let's cut to the chase. 8 shots later, his ball dropped into the right cup.

Now, when I first shared this story with someone who golfs, what I heard in reply was laughter. It is an amusing story.

But when you apply this to the principles of selling manufactured homes, there are a number of potential lessons to be learned. Before continuing with the sales lessons, let's finish the true golfing story.

The young player approached the next hole differently. Instead of thinking about all of the rules, all of the things he was supposed to do, he simply relaxed.

Then, he began his swing, the follow through and the ball sailed 200 yards down the fairway. And it was the right fairway! This time, he shot par!

Now let's look at the take aways from this and how it applies to sales.

First, the player never gave up. He did finally sink the shot, even on the errant first drive. He kept aiming for his goal and finally achieved it.

Second, the player didn't let his love for the game be harmed or negatively impacted. He kept his attitude. He wanted to learn and did so.

Third, all of the rules that he was taught WERE in fact very IMPORTANT. Those rules and tips DID make him a better golfer! But he first had to relax himself, then the young player had to focus on the ball and his goal. Then the player simply had to “just do it.”

We've commented before about similarities between fishing and selling. If you pull back on the line before you have the hook in the fish's mouth, what happens? You scare the fish away, right? The same thing often happens in sales. I've see sales people who try a take away or other 'strategy,' but they don't even have their prospect hooked yet! Is it any wonder that they lose the customer?

Of course not.


The rules of good golf are as important to the
pro as to the student of the game.
The rules of good salesmanship
are as important to the newbie as to a veteran.

The focus of selling is first the customer, but then you and what you say or do! The rules of professional sales engagement are there to guide you to be a better you in serving the customer. Good salesmanship is not about tricking or manipulating a customer.

It is about learning how to engage the customer in a professional fashion that will routinely produce the right outcomes when followed.

Doctor's don't save every patient. That in itself doesn't make them a bad doctor, so long as they are saving the patients that can be saved.

Sales begins with your mind set. You have to have the right attitude about the customer, and you have to want to serve them in a professional fashion.

The reason on our website that we have an Inspiration blog, plus featured articles by Zig Ziglar, Tim Connor or Greg McClanahan is precisely to refresh and inspire the right motivations in all those who serve the public and who serve their peers too.

The young golfer had to learn how to internalize the rules he learned, but also to keep his focus on the ball.

The focus in student of sales is the customer and their needs, wants and desires. But the rules help both the golfer and the sales pro to advance and improve.

Even professional golfers want to improve their game. A pro still has a coach.

The same is true for the professional sales person, they still have a coach.

The doctor who tries to 'heal himself' is often guilty of malpractice! It is a common principle of good medicine that you don't treat yourself. The doctor who does may not have enough perspective to do so effectively.

The same is true in sales. Jim Carpenter said it well in a recent guest column. When the only 'training' that is going on is in house, it is often 'old stuff' that is being re-hashed, instead of a truly professional blend of the tried and true along with the good and new!

When you learn the rules of good sales engagement and then make them a part of what you say and what you do – naturally! – then you too will see shots soar down the fairway, and you will see them land on the right fairway! Having an outside sales trainer or sales coach can be as critical for your location, career or business as the golf coach is for a pro – or new comer! – who wants to improve his game. ##

PS: Check our many Exclusive and Red HotFeatured Articles for August and see the other new stories at too.

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Getting Them in the Door

July 7th, 2010 No comments

I was scanning the news feeds at and came across this article from a local newspaper in western New York about one way a manufactured home retailer has used to get potential customers to come into their facility and give them valuable marketing information.

OK, it’s nothing new, but how many of you are actually using something like this? And the extra publicity of having the local newspaper announce the winner increases the exposure.

Owl Homes of Fredonia announces June winner

Dominic Bellanti, President of Owl Homes of Fredonia, has announced June’s winner of a $100 gas card. The winner is Erik Kraft.

There is no purchase necessary to be entered to win. Just stop in, fill out and complete a guest registration form and be entered to win monthly prizes and the year-end grand prize.

Owl Homes of Fredonia is Western New York’s leading dealer of modular and manufactured homes. Owl has a product history over the past 45 years of providing affordable housing to residents throughout Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Erie and surrounding counties.

Please stop by and view the 12 fully furnished model homes that Owl Homes of Fredonia has on its sales lot. They are open Monday-Saturday, and other hours by appointment.

Call for hours today. Stop by 3752 E. Main St, Fredonia or call 673-1366 or visit

Source: Dunkirk (NY) Observer

This is another example of how to obtain more info from walk-ins . It can also be used as the lure to get more personal information from prospects who have already given you minimal information (name and email address) on your website.

Send out an email to your list (you have a list, don’t you?) with an offer similar the one Owl Home uses. Get them to stop in and fill out an entry form that captures more information you can use in your marketing efforts.

Or take it one step further and have them fill out a more detailed form online. More will participate if the requirement that they stop in is eliminated, but you’ll also lose the chance to strike up a personal dialog.

Used in combination (smaller prize for online and larger one of those that come in), this could be a very powerful means of getting more leads.

An as with all good ideas, this one is simple, but you’ve actually got to do it to get results.

How To Sell Homes Online

November 30th, 2009 2 comments

Selling Homes OnlineOne question I get all the time from dealers and sales persons of factory-built homes is “how do I sell homes online?” I get the same question from Community Managers, Realtors® and investors. The answer may not be the one you’re looking for.

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