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December 15th, 2012 No comments

We've looked at sales tips, motivators, Pinterest pages, blogging and infographics among the many tools you can use to advance manufactured housing. Today, lets look at factoids.

Factoids are brief statements of fact. When used in colored text backgrounds they can grab attention and make a visual (emotional) as well as logical impact.

The factoids above about almonds are an example used on a product package. You could use factoids to express high-impact info about your business, a community's features, your model homes, your financing plans…

…almost anything!

Influencers: Changing Minds

You can see an example of factoids on the page linked below.

Ever want to change the mind of an investor, conventional housing pro or a person of influence? By sharing the link above, you can help change minds, one at a time.

Can't beat them?

There are some old saying that you just have to "Turn it Around!" Instead of, "can't best them, join them" we need to say,

"Don't beat them, let's have them join us!"

– The Elk

By making a habit of sharing factoids or reaching out to change the minds of people of influence, you can make the acceptance – and profitability – of our Industry grow.

By adding one or two easy things to your activities a week, you can make an amazing impact over the course of the year. The alternative is to keep doing the same things, the same tired, old way and get the same result…nah, not so smart

Make the commitment now to improve yourself, your location and your company. ##

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other new stories and 'Purely Political' cartoons at too.

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford

Messaging: Crafting and Delivery

November 7th, 2012 2 comments

The election is behind us and it holds many lessons for marketers. The results of the election are amazingly like what we started with. A Republican House. A Democratic Senate. Barack Obama staying at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Republicans picked up one or more governorships. What happened? Why? What does it teach us about marketing and messaging?

There will be punditry aplenty among the talking heads in the weeks and months to come. Here, we will take a unique look, blending factory built housing as part of our lens, but also using some political and marketing prisms to yield an insights to help us understand and that could help us professionally.

If you aren't into politics or are just worn out after 6 billion dollars of campaign spending, please hang with me, because there are interesting lessons to be learned. In fact, let me start with the executive summary, so that you will know you want to move 'forward,' pardon the pun.

Executive Summary:

1) Once you sell someone, if you keep giving them reasons to buy in – even if they are less that thrilled as a customer – they may continue to support you. But you must, must keep engaged, keep 'selling' and telling or you will lose them. This lesson held true for both Obama and for Romney. Both sides lined up behind their man, even though millions began as less than thrilled.

2) The Importance of the Messenger. What if Marco Rubio had been Romney's pick for Veep? In manufactured housing, we know that in a heavily Hispanic market, you might want to have some Spanish speaking housing professionals. It helps if they are Hispanics themselves. In an electorate that is increasingly minority, with a strong dose of Latinos, Rubio would arguably have made the difference in FL, CO, NV, VA and other states too. Besides, Rubio is a powerful, compelling speaker! He had that Scott Walker quality of saying and meaning what he said. Romney – Rubio would have kept the last R intact on the ticket, and would have likely made a difference in drawing Hispanics, other minorities – plus other groups – more to the R table.

Again, our take away for factory built home sellers is, mirror your market as much as possible. The messenger and his delivery are important.

Now, let's mix some marketing and political analysis, for fun and for possible profitable learning! Because all of this will impact the factory built housing industry, not to mention, our nation.

Not necessarily in order of importance; and certainly not being politically correct…

  • Campaign Strategy. The Obama campaign was better at it overall than Romney's team, the proof is self-evident. The Obama machine knew they couldn't run on a record of higher unemployment than the day he took office, a sluggish to poor economy and 16 trillion in debt. So they did what they thought they needed to in order to win, which was scare enough people into thinking that Romney would be more for the rich, a trigger happy cowboy with the military, who would take away 'binders filled with women's' contraceptives and would leave seniors without Medicare. Unfair? That's another subject, but it worked enough. That said, give Romney credit, he way outperformed John McCain. His campaign overall gets a B (was it a B-? Let's not argue that right now…). Romney shined in the first debate, and that may have carried him to a closer or even winning finish, if not for the following.
  • Optics1. Chris Christie's fawning over the president's speeches post-Sandy clearly helped Obama, exit polling shows as much. *
  • Optics2. Never mind that in hindsight, Sandy will end up looking more and more like FEMA and the Fed's cold Katrina, as opposed to some brilliant handling that the early speeches would have let us think. Why didn't the heavily negative optics of Sandy land on team Obama? See the next bullet. Note: Sandy could prove to be helpful for factory builders, which is an important subtext for our industry.
  • Optics3. When we talk about how something looks – Optics – what are we really saying? How the scenario looks through lens of the media. In a 6 billion dollar campaign, much of which lined the pockets of campaign (read, political marketing) professionals and the media itself, the bulk of the TV media was in the tank for the president. That reality meant that…
  • Optics4. Issues that ought to have been bigger issues, never crossed the threshold of – hey, what's up with that anyway? – that could have harmed and defeated the Obama campaign. Besides Sandy/Christie, these included, but were not limited to, the following:
    • Benghazi, which was carefully put on the back burner for 'investigation,' even though bits of information came leaking out that all looked bad for the President.
    • Unemployment. It is higher today than 4 years ago. Those 5 million 'new jobs?' What was never hit hard by journalists was the fact that we needed 6 million new jobs just to keep pace with population growth. No one since FDR won with unemployment so high, which tells us that Obama's campaign won the message war, even though the facts didn't support them. Take away: you can push a rock up hill!
    • Poverty and Food stamps explosions. 47 million on Food stamps and 15% of the population in poverty, unemployment among blacks at record levels in modern times, all of these and more are amazing facts that somehow didn't get covered enough to cause Obama supporters to switch.
    • The Fiscal Cliff and Sequestration. One of many possible time bombs the media elected to gloss over in favor of comparatively more trivial topics.
    • Energy. There is a war on coal, just ask the miners and their owners. There has been a war on coal-fired electricity, which will drive electric costs higher. We have seen fewer permits on federal lands, in spite of prominent denials. See Executive Summary point 1.
    • The self-inflicted lunacy of conservatives in debates being moderated by liberals. Enough said.

    We could go on, but you get the point. Suffice it to say, that sans the mainstream media's significant tilt toward the D's, we'd be talking about president-elect Romney now rather than 4 more years of President Obama.

    The lesson for manufactured housing? We need to craft and cultivate our media relationships too. For those who have not attended an Attracting More Customers with Cash or Good Credit presentation, if you are near Iowa, please attend and see how valuable good PR can be for our industry.

    Romney and his campaign will get beat up and parsed to death, but let's be balanced and fair. They way outperformed the John McCain 2008 campaign. They deserves a campaign B. They happened to be up against shrewd campaigners in Team Obama, it's their specialty. Romney was right to say that records matter, and that his was one of delivering to his investors at Bain, on the Olympics and for Massachusetts as governor.

    But those potentially powerful Romney messages certainly weren't picked up by the media at large.

    Isn't this a little analogous to manufactured housing? Don't we have a solid, good product? Yes, we do! What's the problem? We as an industry don't message it as we ought to either! It will NOT fall into our laps!

    We have to make it happen. We either define ourselves, or others will define us. In Romney's case, team Obama defined him early and often. We too often get defined by a less than loving media. But the fingers point back towards us industry pros.

    Just as Romney missed opportunities to clarify early and often on the auto bail out (read the actual Romney NYTimes OpEd, it wasn't much like Obama or Biden painted it) or other issues that could have won him MI and Ohio, so too manufactured housing has missed early and often the chance to tell our message well.

    Romney needed to connect more with his base and the public at large. Isn't that true for manufactured housing too? Please see this linked article, if you doubt it.

    Problems are Opportunities in Disguise

    Jack Kennedy cited the Chinese maxim that their character for crisis also meant opportunity. That is true for us today professionally (and politically). We have 20,000,000 homes that need to be built between now and 2030. Factory building ought to be at the forefront of that effort. Having the right messenger and the right marketing does make a difference.

    Let me close with the footnote that Madison Avenue, the 'professionals,' don't always have the best results. With 6 billion dollars spent this season on elections, there has been surprisingly little political shift. Crafting the right message, having the right messenger and delivery are critical in any promotional effort, business or politics. ##

    * That is suggested by Chris Matthews of MSNBC "I'm so glad we had that storm last week," Matthews said. Somebody off-screen was saying "oooh" at that remark, but Matthews explained.  "No, politically I should say — not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.” (Fox).

    PS: Check our many Exclusive and Red Hot Featured Articles for October and see the

    other new stories and 'Purely Political' cartoons at too.

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    Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford


September 30th, 2012 No comments

PiP for millions means 'Picture in Picture.' For association minded pros, when we see PiP we should think Protect Inform Promote.

More than one manufactured housing association in recent years have been under budgetary assault. Many had have felt the pinch of falling shipments, just as businesses have, so in some cases associations went into pure protection mode.

Thankfully, the industry's uptick this year has allowed those which had to do just Protection to return to Informing and Promoting, rekindling the complete PIP process anew.

We could mention initiatives in Florida and Texas to enhance their web presence and benefit their members in information and promotion alike.

An example that we happen to be involved with is the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation's Louisville Show website. This will be 'formally unveiled' this week, when the MMHF's Louisville Show Chairman Ron Thomas' Featured Article on See the Featured Article module on the home page to see his article.

When that page goes live, we will update this blog post with the link to that new show site.

Protection takes place at the local, state and federal level. Business buildling Information, Inspiration and Promotion are going to be showcased at the Louisville Show and on the Louisville Show's website.

The link below is to a site that the National Association of Home Builders commissioned for their annual event. NAHB has big bucks compare to manufactured housing. They no doubt dropped a pretty penny on this website of theirs:

But below this paragraph, we will send you the link to the new Louisville Show site that they graciously allowed us to build as part of the Inform and Promote portions of their five state federation's efforts.

Louisville Manufactured Housing Show Website

My hunch is that we did this for a considerably more modest budget that the NAHB did for their annual show's website. What do you think? Which would you be more proud of overall?

When we make our Industry's events look good, than we look better in the process too.

There will be more features and pages added to the Louisville Show website that ought to be complete before October is done. But you can already see much of the meat and potatoes that showcase what makes going to a great, historic show like Louisville a win for all involved.

Hats off to the MMHF and Dennis Hill at Show Ways for taking the leap of faith to have this site built. We at appreciated the opportunity to serve on this high visibility project.

When you are ready for the review, update or building of your organization's or company's website, please give us a call or fill out the contact info at this link here. ##

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford

A New Trend in Marketing Communications

September 12th, 2012 2 comments

Politicians are doing it.

Companies are doing it.

Those trying to stand out in the jobs market or trying to advance their careers are doing it.

What are they doing to enhance their communications and increase their stature and image?


Here is an example of an infographic that was shared with me recently. They used a core message as a lead in, which we are displaying between the three dashed lines then followed by the infographic.

Robots Bring Jobs Back to the US

The rise of robotic automation in the manufacturing and packaging industry is often blamed for the steep job losses in U.S. manufacturing, along with the rampant outsourcing of labor to cheaper workforces. But a real look at the facts and stats show that things just aren’t that cut and dry.

Check out our infographic below and you’ll see the many ways in which robotics and the reshoring initiative can help increase manufacturing employment in the U.S. From providing improved safety measures in dangerous jobs, to introducing higher-paying, specialized positions that workers can be trained to fill, to laying out the true pros and cons of offshore outsourcing, this infographic sheds some light on the “other side” of the story.

Robots And Automation Bring Jobs Back To The U.S.. Courtesy of Kukaconnect.

Infographics are a combination of information and graphic, as the name implies. A well designed infographic can attract the eye and invite a deeper look.

As you consider your next print or web based message outreach, consider an infographic as one of the tools to make your message stick better with your target audience. ##

l-a--tony-kovachL. A. "Tony" Kovach and Spotlighting the MHLifeStyle = Industry News, Tips and Views Pros can Use

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford

White Hat, Black Hat SEO

September 5th, 2012 No comments

Print: newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, papers, brochures or mailers.  What do they give you that the Internet can't? Paper cuts?  Ink on your fingers?  With the web and the right analytical tools, a professional can give you accurate statistics that print alone can not deliver.  With that quick backdrop, let's take a look at the topic of white hat vs. black hat SEO.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.  If I have picked up a printed piece and I want to find something – say in a newspaper or magazine – I have to hunt for it. It may not even be there, with print you don't know until you hunt and even if it is there, you may miss it.

But with the web, as billions of people already know, by using a specific set of key words, I can search for a topic, business, service, product, name etc..  Using a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing will take you right to a link for a web page that print can't do.

Using the right analytical  software, extensions or plug ins, we can know how many impressions and how many click throughs are obtained from a certain page, article or banner ad.  With print, there are indirect measures possible, but they cost extra. There is currently no direct way of knowing exactly how many people see (think “impressions”) or respond to a message, ad, mailer or article that is in print.


Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Many who have some tech knowledge ignore impressions in online marketing analysis, to their detriment. You want to know both the “impressions” – how often your banner, for example, is visible on a site – as well as the click through number. You can't get a Click Through Rate (CTR) without first having both of those other statistics!

Further, scientists have known for decades that the mind subconsciously sees virtually everything in a room, street, open magazine or web page, etc. So 'impressions' do add up to a subtle subconscious influence. Just as that little jingle helps you remember a commercial, so too the total number of impressions over time helps your target audience remember your firm at the time that could be important for you to engage and do business.

Measuring Results

“You can't manage what you can't measure.”

We as business professionals speak of measurable results.  Politicians can make bold claims – may tell or bend the truth, or even lie – but then can try to spin or obscure their results to make it harder to measure.  By contrast, in marketing by using proper –  white hat – online methods,  you can set short, medium or long term strategies that yield measurable results.

Done right, those results will positively hit your bottom line.

With a high ticket product like a manufactured home – or commercial real estate services, such as listing and selling MH Communities (MHCs or 'mobile home parks') – sometimes a modest one year investment can yield a result that will repay you manifold with a single transaction.

With a lower margin service – say skirting or a manufactured home owners policy – you may need to hit many transactions to accomplish your proper return on investment.

Organic vs. Paid Results

The simplest way to explain the difference between paid and organic results is to show you.

White hat, Black hat SEO

Do you remember a couple of Christmas' back, when JCPenny often came up high – as in on page one, result one – in organic SEO results?  It was alleged that JCP had used 'black hat' SEO tactics to get them that organic, or unpaid, search result.  It was also said that once caught, the search engines punished JCP and they suddenly vanished from page one, buried much deeper in the organic search engine results.

Black hat SEO can yield a result, often quickly.  We won't say how that JCP result was accomplished. We won't say if the firm was duped by their provider or if JCP allegedly knew what they were doing.

What we will say is that either way, using black hat SEO is a little like a fire cracker.  It can be fun, even impressive.  But if it goes off in your hands, ouch!  It's hospitalization time!

By contrast, white hat SEO can yield a good result too.  One difference is that it doesn't blow off your fingers or injure you in some other way.

White hat SEO should include short, medium and long term strategies.  Done properly, it requires a closer collaboration between the service provider and the client company or organization.  If the client firm isn't tech savvy, then you better pray that your provider knows the manufactured or factory built home industry, AND their own tech stuff!  Otherwise, you can end up with (perhaps) a nice looking webpages that gives you little or poor results.

The right words, the right number of times, the right way

You may have the best photos, graphics or services in your market area.  But what if you put your message out there the wrong way? Or without the right keywords and SEO strategies? There is more to SEO than just using a few keywords!

What does such work cost? The simplest suggestion is to say, set a budget for yourself. Then sit down with pros who know and see how much that budget can get you. Let's give an example.

We noted in the screen capture/graphic above that Equity Lifestyles (ELS) came up tops in the unpaid or “organic” mobile web search result for “manufactured home communities.” A huge company like ELS – BTW, a firm which we track in our Daily Business News stock market report (see graphic below) – is one that likely has a large budget for inside/outside marketing staff that would include IT/Webtech. It would be no surprise if they pay 6 figures annually for getting such web services that provide such results.

Some large firms literally pay millions for their web-work every year. But they may make billions as a result!

Depending on the project, the costs don't have to be sky high. Good results can be had with modest investments of time, talent and treasure.

Whoever you work with – in house or outside talent – here are some questions that can help you find the right balance to get you where you want to go. The following is not necessarily in any order of importance.

  1. Who is your target audience?
  1. Is your target audience broad , very specialized or in between?
  1. What does it take to recoup and profit from your investment? How much closed business?
  1. What are you willing to do – via your time, your staff's or through contracted talent – to support the proper White Hat web campaign investment?
  1. Is the budget or plan proposed one that can reasonably provide enough results to yield a profit for your campaign?
  1. Are you hiring a firm to do a job once, or do you want ongoing adjustments, enhancement and support?
  1. Keep in mind that all marketing and selling involves 'test marketing.' If you are not able or willing to adjust to the results that you get, that is a little like buying a car and not putting gas in it when needed.
  1. Think short term, middle term, long term strategies.
  1. When you have tens of millions of possible competitors online, think in terms of targeted results and niches you can get more rapid traction. For example, ff you are a retailer in TX, unless you have someone moving from out of state – like from Maine or Minnesota – you really care more about getting a good result in your target market. See our graphics below for examples of targeted key words, but then apply that to YOUR business or organization.
  1. Don't just think 'SEO' only! While our SEO strategies are important, we have multiple legs we plan for ourselves and our forward looking clients. Think:
  • content,
  • social networking,
  • email,
  • blogging,
  • direct appeals,
  • indirect outreaches,
  • consider teaming up with others, etc.
  1. We don't want to scare you, but doing a good true campaign is a little like doing a business plan. The bigger the budget and goals, the more you plan, monitor and adjust for maximum Return On Investment (ROI) and success. If you have a modest budget, get someone who can shoot rapidly from the hip because they know your field.
  1. Be revealing to your service provider. This is a little like doctor-patient or attorney-client. The more they care about you, the more they understand you, the better they can do for you if they are good at their work. To round out our baker's dozen…
  1. Measure twice, cut once. Think it through, or have someone you trust think it through for you!

There is more, of course, than the bullets above, but it will get you started.

The Budget

Whatever you budget – be it hundreds, thousands of dollars, 5 or 6 figures – be realistic in your expectations. For example, we can and do dominate in many keyword searches, but certainly not all. In fact, there are some searches we don't mind missing entirely. The same is true for you too. See the screen capture/graphic below.

For those truly trying to dig deeper to understand this topic, there is a method to the madness that follows, so look closely!

When you are in a crowded field, use targeted strategies that can maximize your results.

By using “quotes” around the keywords to yield a more focused result, you have 74.6 Million this time.

In a big field, using quotes around your search will yield a more specific result. Try it!
Notice the first result of the 3 immediately above yielded 86.2 M results,
but the third one above yielded only 14.5 million results with the same two search words.


Targeting Topics and Key Words

We do non-disclosure agreements with our clients, so we can't show you those results, but we can show you some of our own results to make the points shared in this article.

Besides being a manufactured housing industry service provider (web and other manufactured home marketing, sales and management solutions/systems), we obviously are trade publishers too. Even as the most popular site of our kind, that doesn't mean we will always be number one for a search phrase. But if you can be on page 1 of Google in a search that can bring value to you, that is important.

When you are in the news, tips and views business, it can help to have some of the known people in our industry show up in your search results.

As you look at the below, think beyond the person or organization, think about how this applies to targeted words you would like to do well with to grow your results.

When someone is researching, they will often check beyond that subject's organization or company.
They will want to see what is on other people's sites about the research subject too.

To be equal opportunity, let's look at a MHARR (Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform) related search result below.


Jenny Hodge was recently appointed to serve as the executive director of the National Communities Council (NCC) division of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). How do we do on that search?

Now there is more than one lesson in the next result. We want to be politically sensitive, but at the same time, make a point that can help you plan your own online marketing strategies.

Are you teaming up with 'competitors?' If so, that can be smart. If not, why not?

If not and you can't or won't, wouldn't it be wise to be able to play off of a competitor's name?

The above questions are NOT a perfect analogy for what follows. But here is a search where we do better on page 1 of Google than the person's own company website gets for their own result. Not always easy to do, but it has powerful implications!

How often you update your site or a topic has a lot to do with the SEO result.
Also, keep in mind that Google and other search engines are routinely
changing the algorithms or formulas that determine what gets shown on page one
and in what order. When we show a result,
we try to show the date and time, because it can change!

Are you or your web designer thinking mobile web? Smart Phones, iPad's and Tablets?

We recently started a new website – see below – that is focused on the public and manufactured home owners (Business to Consumer or B2C), vs. the Business to Business (B2B) audience here at

After only a few months, look at what is already happening. We put together a screen capture of this mobile web search result below.

Again, there is a lot to this graphic and possible lessons.
By targeting someone else's page – that YouTube Video – we boosted that result!
The same can be done for you and your firm.
If you have the budget, think about a multiple website strategy!

We will draw to a close this topic with an example of a new client that is happy to be shown.

We have not yet started the formal work for this client, which is the Tunica Manufactured Home Show for 2013.

We just posted this press release style article linked above yesterday, and we are already on page 1, number 1 of Google for this search!

We mentioned above the importance of email and other types of support for your efforts. According to this Direct Marketing Association report cited below, in 2011, Email Marketing returned an average of $43.52 for each dollar invested.

email marketing 2011 $43.52

Just think, you'll never get that in Vegas! Vegas and other gambling spots are not built for winners, they are built for the majority who come and lose.

But with your own business, when you follow a professional, white hat SEO and other strategies, you can get a handsome return on investment. You have far more control over the result than when gampbling.

For clients with a big ticket sale, a single sale may pay for years of web or advertising.

Which will bring us towards the conclusion.

Teaming UP

Be it B2B or B2C, one of the smartest things that manufactured home professionals can do is 'team up' with others. Part of what the exercise above proves is that having many people – or companies – on the same platform draws greater numbers! If it was just Tony Kovach on this site, it might not be nearly as exciting as when you have 16 other articles in September alone, plus many more blogs posts – like Industry Voices or the Daily Business News – that feature a writer other than me and companies other than ours!

Frankly, there is overall no sites better suited for those teaming up efforts than or Who says? Our clients do.

But the point is that it pays online to share the stage.

Everyone involved can win when you share the stage's benefits. It is like the wisdom of going to a trade show like Louisville or Tunica. When you have more homes, more products or more manufactured home retailers on a place like Shields Boulevard in Oklahoma City during their hey-days, it acts like a magnet.

Being where the action is can benefit everyone in the mix, when each is following a sound plan. We aren't talking about anti-trust here, we are talking about the legal and marketing savvy used in forming shopping centers and malls across the country!

Part of the wisdom of a site like MHVillage's is exactly such a reality. If there was only 1 home listed on MHVillage, it would be boring! But when you have thousands of homes every year that get listed, bought, traded, etc., it is always changing…

…now you are talking action that draws an audience. In their case, 45,000 visits a day.

When you are ready to grow your business, consider the value of white hat vs. black hat SEO and other internet strategies that should work hand and glove with it. Should you wish to talk with us, please fill out the form at the link below, or just pick up the phone and give us a call.

You can call the rest, but do call our specialized Industry's best. You'll be glad you did. ##

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Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford