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Savvy Stealth Marketing – and “Product Placement” Storytelling

June 24th, 2018 No comments

Graphic design by MHProNews.

Since the early days of the movies and television, product placement has been part of the background in storytelling.


What brand of car is that hero or villain driving?

What kind of soup is that mom making for her beloved children?

Do you drink soda?  Even without looking directly at the label, can you tell what brand of soft drink is in that featured image up top?


There are many reasons that MH businesses and locations fail to achieve their potential. To see how you can achieve yours with good ROI, click the email or call the number below.


Product Placement, Stealth Marketing, and Storytelling

There are a variety of ways to get your message out on the manufactured home industry’s #1 – most read and respected – trade media platforms.  One is through various kinds of stealth marketing, which can include product placement.  This can be done Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C).


To see a sample of our emailed news update, click here. To sign up for the factory-built home industry’s #1 headline news, click here or the graphic above.

What lender should someone want to choose for their manufactured home loan? Why?

Who should you buy that manufactured home from? Why?

Why should you live in that community vs. another?

The ways of doing product placement, stealth marketing and storytelling are limited only to your imagine combined with our own expertise.

Tell us your marketing budget, and let’s see what kind of marketing options make the best sense for you. Ready for the next steps? Click or call 863-213-4090. ## (Coaching tips, marketing, sales, management, commentary, and analysis.)

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FactoryBuiltCarsClothingAppliancesElectronicsCellsSmartPhonesHomesItJustFollowsLATonyKovachC2017MHproNewsBy L.A. “Tony” Kovach – Cutting Edge commentary, for

Tony is the multiple award-winning managing member and consultant at LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to industry-leading MHProNews, and

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Dominating Your Local Market, The Manufactured Housing Revolution

October 25th, 2017 No comments

Nothing is changed until it is challenged.”
– Soheyla Kovach,
co-founder of and


In a variety of ways – in collaboration with professionals across the spectrum – first MHProNews, then MHLivingNews began to challenge the status quo that’s holding back the manufactured home industry.


With words, images, and videos – we proved that even a modest budget and a serious effort could make a difference in selected, local and regional markets.  We know, because we’ve proven time and again that we’ve done it for others –  here’s one that explains it all on video – so we can do it for you.


Progress is never inevitable.


Real progress occurs from commitment.

SIB-KIS_-_AIM_High posted on

Do you want or need to grow your business? Do you want to Dominate in your local market(s)?


The Runaway #1 in MH. We don’t just talk, we’ve proven our abilities.


Then pick up the phone or message to start the conversation.


The Manufactured Housing Revolution energizes professionals at every level in the industry. How about you? ## (Marketing, Sales, Management Consulting, Publishing, Video.)


Think beyond Feature Advantage and Benefit – FAB – which only positively impacts maybe 10% of all MH shoppers! FAB should only be used when needed. Learn what 21st century customers today really want. Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing services and consultant and MH sales trainer in the U.S.. He and their team publish and

L. A. “Tony” Kovach



Flashback – What Others Say – MHProNews, MHLivingNews

September 15th, 2016 No comments

As we approach our 7th anniversary, let’s share some comments from our 6th Anniversary, and point you to the comments posted this month from Tim Williams, at 21st Mortgage linked here.  Below is our flashback – enjoy and please send us YOUR comments for our October issue…thanks.

The following are a sampling of ‘quotable quotes’ used with permission from readers of on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of this online trade publication serving the manufactured and modular home industry.

I appreciate being able to get all my MH news in one place, and especially on-line on my iPad as I am away from the office so often. Our industry is lucky to have such extensive coverage and I value the thoughtful coverage on a wide range of topics that MHProNews provides its readers.

don-glissonjr_ceotraidfinancial-ostedonmhpronewsDon Glisson, Jr, CEO
Triad Financial Services, Inc.
4336 Pablo Oaks Court
Jacksonville, FL  32224

Tony, congratulations to you and your team on this significant milestone and much appreciation for the valuable (and often thankless) job that you do. You have truly become the preeminent news source for the manufactured housing industry and I wish you many more years of success.

darrenkrolewski-mhvillage-executivevicepresidentmarketingandbusinessdevelopmentDarren Krolewski
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Dear Tony & Soheyla, 

Congratulations on your 6th anniversary with MHProNews.Com and two years with Manufactured!

Just wanted to express our deep appreciation for your cutting-edge reporting and videos that keeps us positive and upbeat about our industry. You keep us focused on the great opportunities for our manufactured home industry. Keep it Up!

gusrodrigueztejashomesGus Rodriguez
Tejas Homes
Conroe, Texas 







Congratulations on your 6th Anniversary!

Martha Neu Smith
Executive Director
Kansas Manufactured Housing Association


dennishill-postedonmhpronews-comCongratulations on your 6th anniversary issues coming out this weekend. It goes with out saying that your continued diligence in pursuing a solid information source for this industry is most appreciated. I’ve always look forward to receiving your information so that I can keep up with what is going on. Again, congratulations on your 6th anniversary. I hope there will be many more!

Dennis Hill
Show Ways Unlimited
800 Old Roswell Lake Pkwy
Roswell, GA 30076

Congratulations on your upcoming milestone.  I want to personally thank you for giving me one place for information to stay abreast of what is happening in the Manufactured Housing industry. 

Best of continued success,


mikebowenseniornationalaccountssalesmgrvpamericanmoderninsurancegroupMike Bowen
Senior National Accounts Sales Mgr/VP
American Modern Insurance Group

— Examples of Off the record, private comments —

  • It’s tough to capture your all-around terifficness.”

  • Thank you for all you do for the MH Industry.”

  • Tony, what MHProNews spotlights is often the squeaky wheel used or referenced in private discussions and meetings. Keep it up.”

  • As you know, we send periodic news tips your way, and appreciate your publishing so many of those in the Daily Business News. Matthew Silver does a fine job. You and your team are an important part of MH advancement.” (Editor’s note – we do get a lot of tips from readers like you on news items, please send links to news items in – with the subject line, ‘News Tip’)

  • We work B2B, and find your Daily Business News section is a gold mine for us. We read it every day. Thank you for this invaluable service to manufactured housing.”

  • While we really value MHProNews, I have to say that is the hidden gem in what your operation does for manufactured housing. We look forward to every new article and interview posted there. Those articles and videos have been used to close sales on customers that were on the fence. Thanks and please, keep them coming!”

Along the lines of, among the nice comments in about the recent video is the following example (others are posted on the article itself that goes with the video on that page)

Today’s new MH product is a cutting-edge solution to the myriad of financial pressures weighing on America’s age 55+ active-adult demographic and addresses the critical issue of home affordability. 

Dennis Loxton, CFP

NMLS #362476

1st Financial

NMLS #130562

Comments from a variety of industry pros and leaders in 2015 are found in the link below.

This is team work. It isn’t just us, its pros like you that engage and make this work. These are collaborative efforts for mutual success. This is part of “taking care of business,” because knowledge and information are potential power.

We thank you for allowing us to be a part of the mission to dispel outdated myths and to shine the light on subjects of importance for manufactured, modular and factory built housing.

We may publish more on-and-off the record comments in the days ahead. Until then, tallyho! ##

Editor’s Note: Please do send YOUR thoughts on the 7th Anniversary of MHProNews and MHLivingNews in asap, for inclusion in our Oct issue 2016 issue, thank you!


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

MHPros+Content Marketing – Graphic & Facts Worth 1000 Words

April 6th, 2016 No comments

MHPro Marketers! Have you heard? Content is King!

  • Do you market B2B (business to business) to the MH Industry?
  • Do you market B2C (business to consumer) with products or services with an MH connection? If so, then this column is for YOU.

Let’s start with some examples, and then summarize the point at the end.

Example – Supply and Repair Firms

Last month, March 2016:

Over 55,000 hits on this ONE published article in ONE month. Now its been 2 years since this article went live. At an average of 40,000 hits a year x 24 months, that’s 960,000 hits – or roughly half a million a year, on this one article on this topic! 


Image Credit, collage of report from Webalizer and WordPress.

Now stop and think…Multiply that times dozens of articles a week on MHProNews, and dozens monthly on 


Imagine, HUNDREDS of articles a year going up on, and over a HUNDRED articles a month on This gives a huge SEO boost to our Partners in Progress, but it is also a very cool way to get customers looking for specific information in front of YOUR products/services.

That’s the power of Content – good SEO is part of the reason that the traffic on this is so good.

Example 2: MH Loans –

Let’s round this one down to 15,000 monthly x 12 = 180,000 a year…but keep in mind, we have numerous articles a year on this topic.


Every month, hundreds of thousands of people do searches for manufactured home insurance, manufactured home loans, or dozens of other topics related to products and services a firm or organization like yours offers. Image Credit, collage of report from Webalizer and WordPress.

What s your company's 126 million-dollar problem - idea - solution?

Wow! What an obviously amazing idea!

Is the Light Bulb Going off?  This is The Tip of the Iceberg!

Think about millions of searches on

  • Manufactured Homes,
  • Modular Homes,
  • “Mobile Homes,”
  • “Windstorms,”
  • “Tornadoes,”
  • “Testimonials,”
  • Comparisons to conventional housing, apartments, etc., etc..

We have articles – or articles with videos – that have tens of thousands of hits monthly.


Outsource content creation can often be more cost effective, and while a company like Inklyo could be good in many fields, MHMarketingSalesManagement specialize in factory built housing. We know the market and the target audiences. Image credit, AtInklyo.

Pick a topic, and there are good odds we have one or more articles about that...each of those are potential opportunities for the placement of an ad or a ‘learn more, get a free report button’ at the end of the article, allowing for a click through or lead capture by a company or organization like yours.

As Soheyla said in one of her articles this month, by doing content marketing on a national trade media platform, our MH Alliance/Partners in Progress (sponsors, advertisers) get multiple benefits, including third party reinforcement of their brand.

Third party studies demonstrate that such articles or third party video can be 7 times more effective than an article or video done about yourself for your business, organization, event or location.

Rising Sales posted on

For Rising Sales, call “Tony the Tiger…” and have a Grrr8 Day!

To learn more, email or call 863-213-4090, and let’s set up a time to explore deeper how content marketing – specifically with MHProNews and MHLivingNews. ##





L. A. “Tony” Kovach presenting at Tunica to a near capacity crowd, which gave two thumbs up for the live presentation on MH Marketing and Sales at the 2016 Tunica MH Show. Video report on this will be forthcoming, or click here.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. 

Connect –

Free Twice Weekly emailed news, tips updates (Newsletters look like this) sign up free in seconds at 

Office 863-213-4090. Email – and


The Profitable Profit – PEP and MHE

August 22nd, 2015 No comments

The first time I heard the name of the CNBC TV show, “The Profit,” I thought the name would be spelled “Prophet.”  Analogies have long been useful as a way to explain something new to others. As a believer in the Creator, any reference made to Manufactured Housing Evangelization (MHE) is meant with no disrespect to the Almighty, nor to His believers.  It’s a way of painting a quick verbal picture of fueling enthusiasm for a product/service. Apple Inc. may become the first trillion dollar company due to their form of evangelization. That requires prophets, ambassadors and true believers.


A little altitude over a home gives you a completely different perspective. A still from an upcoming (aka featured video.

When we shoot video in the winter or early spring, people don’t stop their cars, or come out of their homes a lot to find out what’s going on. But that changes when the sun is shinning, the weather is warm and people are wondering why you are flying that video drone in their community, or shooting video with a traditional video camera.  They come out and want to talk.


New Durham Estates is a family owned MHCommunity that was developed in many phases over a period of decades. They have done forward thinking steps in operations for years, and now in marketing too.

That’s when saying, I’m with and we are here getting video for an upcoming story we will feature on your location,” brings out the smiles, good will and excitement.  People tell you how much they love their manufactured home. Residents tell you how much they love their community.  Depending on the circumstances, we’ve been known to mic someone up right there on the spot, and do a quick interview.


Once you hear voices behind you, it makes sense to turn the drone around and catch the people who are gathering to watch.  If you look closely, near the porch on the home at the far right, there are people standing, watching and talking.

Note you can shoot your own video, but then you completely lose that third party “news” impact we get by being who we are,

That’s similar to those who hear the word from another believer.  There can be value, but when another MH Ambassador or an MH Prophet stands and speaks, the reaction of people is often much more compelling.

During this recent trip, we had occasion to bump into some souls who are MH owners we’ve interviewed before.  They treat us with respect and with the warmth normally accorded to long lost friends.

There are many other reasons to have us do video with and for you.  Example. The revenue we generate from our project work allows us to do the harder news stories, including video, that helps Protect, Educate and Promote (PEP) the Manufactured Housing industry. While some in association work may not always see that complementary benefits that we bring to the table, a number of others do…and working together, we embrace the team work that moves the ball down the field.


Let me tip the hat to the forward thinkers at New Durham Estates. They use insulated skirting on their new model homes. They put nice porches and decks on their homes. They order many with upgrades, such as finished sheetrock and upgraded cabinetry. Plus, they have good background checks and do the guidelines for living in a nice way. Is it any wonder that when people buy a home there, that they end up happy?

Don’t think (just yet $) about what would happen to industry business growth if many or most of the 20 to 22 million Manufactured Homeowners became MH Evangelists.  Rather, think about what would happen in YOUR community if many or most of YOUR residents and home owners became jazzed enough to enthusiastically preach the good word about how they love MH Living.

It can transform a business, becoming an MH Ambassador, or working with the MH Prophet creates MH Profitable growth, just as it did for Apple, then Samsung and others.  We want enthusiastic home owners!  That takes a certain vision and commitment on the part of current or would-be MH Ambassadors.


It takes quite a bit of gear to do all of the various things you see on an Inside MH Road Show video.

Engaging and supporting what others have called “The Voice of MH,” or the Profitable Prophet of MH Evangelization can transform the way MH is seen in your community.


We also shot some drone video of this neighbor’s home right after we did this model home. FYI, of course, we shot video of the interior of the home itself! One secret for enhanced success is to get more people over the threshold in to see our modern, appealing manufactured homes!

One reason social media is hot, is that most people crave attention and recognition. offers a platform that gives someone their “15 minutes of fame.” That in turn boost the MHImage and thus sales.  Face it, those MH residents who love their homes WANT to have a positive image of their lifestyle.  They DESERVE the RESPECT that we bring them on through the Inside MH Road Show series of videos.

Check out the website.  Spend some time there every day, have your team do so too.  You’ll soon see why the public is getting hooked, and therefor why industry pros who see it understand its value!

It starts with you, then your team and then select customers of yours.  From there, the evangelistic fervor can take you places you may have never dreamed about. We’ll show you more examples via videos on  You can see existing ones by going to that site right now.


Some of the dozens of pros we’ve interviewed for MHLivingNews and  We’ve interviewed dozens of manufactured home owners.  No one we’ve seen has built up a bigger public collection of Pro-MH video interviews than and

Then, give me a call or send me a message that describes your interests, needs and challenges. Together, Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). ##

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (2)

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an MH Pro Marketing and Sales Educational session. You’ll see Tony at more upcoming events, try to catch one, live and in person! You’ll see why the enthusiastic applause follows.


By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.