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Four Short Videos Equals One Powerful Sales Meeting!

November 25th, 2014 No comments

We will share 4 short videos, that for you and/or your sales team, can kick off the start of a great sales meeting!


Thought Provoking Quotes

Why Motivation and Sales Must Go Hand in Hand

Nothing Happens until something gets sold!

Okay, now if you've watched all four, you may be all revved up! But what is your marketing and sales strategy? How does a manufactured housing pro go about changing their results in practical terms?

louisville show 2014

Year after year, we have standing room only crowds at the Louisville MH Show.
This year, Come and see Why.
If you're really ready to rock, bring your team too.

Come to the 2015 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show, and attend the two free sessions we will offer there on marketing, sales, you and growing the results of your location and organization. It costs only your time and travel, but it can start a major change your life. Finance seminars will be available at the show too, plus real life experiences from real people in the business. Don't miss a minute of it. Here is the link, watch this blog and the Louisville Show blog for more updates coming soon. ##

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