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November 28th, 2010 No comments

We are not going to re-iterate the importance of social networking to the future of your business here. I’d be happy to talk about that with you at’s booth at the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show in January – or you can call me anytime at 859-544-9005.

Today’s post is about’s Social Networking effort and how it can serve you, our loyal readers, whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, distributor, community owner, speaker, consultant or trainer.

Every featured article that we publish, every news item, every press release, every video, every classified ad and every job listing that is posted to is also posted to our Twitter account and our Facebook Fan Page.

Every blog post to Tony’s Masthead, this blog, Tim Connor’s Words of Wisdom, the Industry Voices blog, Inspiration and Daily Business News are also posted to those social networking accounts.

Those posts to Twitter and Facebook often pop up near the top of Google searches for keywords found in those articles, items and posts.

What this means is that every time you publish an article on or the Industry Voices blog, send us a news item, association news or events, press release or pretty much anything else we can publish, those items also end up on our Twitter page and Facebook Fan page.

Right now, we have 496 Twitter followers and 31 Facebook fans, numbers that are increasing with each passing week. Visitors to our Facebook fan page often exceed the number of “likes” that have been officially tallied.

So just by submitting those articles, press releases, etc. to and pacing it in front of our 102,000 pageviews for the first three weeks of November, you also get it in front of our Twitter followers and Facebook fans as well gaining the SEO that comes with them.

This is a “no-brainer”, folks. You know how important it is to get your company’s name and message out in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Remember that submitting to is an easy way to get several kinds of exposure with one simple action.

“Social networking is that rare sector of the economy that seems to be booming in the midst of the recession.” ~ from Knowledge@Wharton article

Being thankful for little things

November 21st, 2010 No comments

With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, a little reflection on the little and unnoticed things we have to be thankful for is a great way to spend a few minutes – or the rest of our life.

Counting our blessings and expressing gratitude for the many gifts that are bestowed upon us daily helps us put life’s troubles in perspective and realize the future is bright for each and every one of us if we allow it to happen and don’t waste energy resisting the inevitable changes to come.

From my perspective as the tech guy, I look at all the advancements made over the past few years that will allow us to do more business with less effort as the economy and out industry bounce back.

In the Masthead blog today, Editor L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach writes about Kitchen Utensils plus What’s New for Manufactured and Modular Housing and how old habits ned to change to move forward once again.

Maintaining old habits is a form of resistance to change, but old habits cannot be broken as Tony illustrates. They CAN be overridden with a new habit and that is the goal that we must aspire to.

It takes effort – conscious effort – to override a habit. Constant vigilance is the only way of assuring that the old habit doesn’t resurface and become dominant yet again.

Resolve now to make the effort to build the new habits required by the new world we are entering. Resolve now to stop wasting energy resisting change that must come of we are to succeed in the global economy. Resolve now to make the changes that are necessary if we are to be the major housing player in the new marketplace instead of an afterthought.

But some old habits, approached with new resolve can be very good for us. Take, for instance, the reemergence of the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show and the Pennsyvania Manufactured Housing Association’s HomExpo 2011.

These shows are a return to the root of the industry’s more glorious past and can prove a stepping-stone to a more prosperous future – IF we take advantage of them and ensure their success with our participation.

So while you’re counting your blessings, express a little gratitude for the hard work that went into bringing these two shows – and others like them – back to life. And if at all possible, make the commitment to support them by your attendance. Yes, some old friends are no longer with us, but these two shows present a golden opportunity for the survivors to network with the survivors and jump start the process of rebuilding your business.

When you are gathered around the table this Thanksgiving, give a little thought to wonderful industry you are a part of – the one that can be a shining star in the constellation of affordable housing in our country and around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

The Human Factor to a more effective website

November 17th, 2010 1 comment

Bob Stovall's November Article illustrationThis post is a follow-up to my November Article, Making Websites More Effective and covers an aspect of an effective website – and therefore a more effective online marketing and lead generation strategy – that I think is critically important.

In the article, I considered how using the latest technology would make your online presence more effective.

But the other side to the story is that if the website is hard to update, or if you have to hassle with a less-than-cooperative web designer every time you need to update it, you just won’t do it.

I’ve seen dozens of good websites fall by the wayside as a customer service or lead generation tool because the web designer disappeared or was just plain too difficult to work with.

You know from dealing with your customers and prospects that making it easy for them to buy is an important step in the sales process. Make it painful enough and they will disappear forever taking their money elsewhere.

The same is true for you as a businessperson. If vendors and suppliers make it difficult enough for you, you give up on that vendor or supplier or maybe on the whole project.

This is one reason that we now produce all of our client’s web pages using Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla! and CMSBuilder. Using a CMS takes the adversarial relationship with an uncooperative web designer out of the equation. It also makes it easier and less expensive for you to make simple updates to your website. But you can read all about that in the article.

Your job is to make buying easier for your prospects – my job is to make your website, email marketing and social networking easier.

We’ve made a special offer at the bottom of Making Websites More Effective to save you some serious coin. I hope anyone in need of our services will take advantage of it.

That’s it for today! I hope you and your families have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving and I’ll see you in Louisville!

Finally a Simple Home and Home Site Listing Solution for Retailers and Community Owners

November 10th, 2010 No comments

WP-Property logoIf you’re a Manufactured Housing Retailer or Community Owner you know the frustration of putting together a website to properly present your homes or home sites online.

You want a solution that will allow your home to come up in Search Engine rankings for your area and you know the power of WordPress to accomplish this goal.

WP-Property sample listings page
Property listings page in WP-Property. Multiple listing would appear as a list
like the listings index page at

But presenting your homes in a way that makes sense requires the use of a WordPress plugin. Up until now, that meant sifting through the dozens of available plugins that leave much to be desired or cobbling together a home-made solution from bits and pieces of plugins and custom code. That can be expensive and time-consuming – and probably creates a “less than perfect” outcome.

Because of past experience with real estate type plugins – and real estate listing software – I’m a bit wary of these sort of things.

Nevertheless, I decided to give the WordPress WP-Property plugin a try. It required a small amount of customization using the plugin’s admin area to get it to do exactly what I wanted – display a home for sale.

Once it was setup and I added my first property, I was hooked. Here at last was a solution that could accomplish what up until now was next to impossible – adding a home or home site listing to a WordPress-powered website easily without spending a ton of cash. In fact, the WP-Property plugin is free.

With the economy starting to show signs of life and manufactured home sales starting to pick up, now is the ideal time to stake out your turf in your local market. And WordPress and WP-Property can help you do it effectively and economically.

To see WP-Property in action, have a look at the Sample Property Listing at Or see a real live site in action at Orange Cat Productions can get you set up with a WordPress-powered website with WP-Property installed and configured for less than you think. Orange Cat offers complete Web Consulting and Training services on-site or online.

Here is a reduced-sized view of a Property Details page in WP-Property
WP-Property details page

Orange Cat Productions is offering a limited time offer on a WordPress-powered solution with WP-Property installed and configured PLUS 1 year of free web hosting at $200 off the regular price. This offer is only good for readers of this blog and will end in just a few days. Lock in your $200 discount by calling Bob at 859-544-9005 or use the contact form at

Using WordPress and Facebook as part of your marketing?

November 7th, 2010 No comments

If you use WordPress and Facebook to to market manufactured housing, there’s a plugin that can link the two together in a very helpful way.

Here at, we use Disqus [discuss] to handle the comments on all of your blogs and it has been working out very well. Visitors to our blogs can login in once and be set to comment on any blog using the Disqus comment system.

I’ve always wanted a tighter association between my blog posts and my Facebook page. Now I have that chance because of a new WordPress plugin.

The Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin enables visitors who are logged in to Facebook to post comments to your WordPress content as they normally would. The comment then shows up on their Facebook page with a link back to your post. It also shows on their friends pages. Think what that might mean to your traffic!

Facebook comments box on post at
Here is a recent blog post on that shows the Facebook comments box on top of the Disqus comments box – yes, you can have both. Placement and other options can be set in the plugins admin screen.

Whether you use Disqus or not, the Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin is a “must have” if you use Facebook and WordPress in your marketing strategy. And every local business should be using the combination of WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter if you are serious about using social media to bring you business.

If you are an Orange Cat customer, installation and configuration of the Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin is just an email away. If you are not yet an Orange Cat customer, head over to – WordPress and Joomla! for Local Business and see what we can do for you. (HINT- We can install any plugin on your WordPress or Joomla! powered website.)

But most importantly, have the Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin installed on your website today and start taking advantage of this obvious tie-in.