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A Home-Shoppers Eye View of MH vs a Professional’s Vantage Point

September 30th, 2015 No comments

Your firm wants to sell that next home. Then another. Then another. Of course. The shopper wants to get a home, but from their viewpoint, MH may not be high on their radar (or manufactured homes may not be on their radar at all).

For you to break through to the better qualified buyers out there, you have to see the world through their eyes, not your own.

We’re going to oversimplify to make some rapid points. There are exceptions to these generalities, so let’s keep in mind we mutually want to see MH Advance for the sake of all.


Note: MHI has very similar totals to this chart which used data provided by MHARR.

When you’ve been in MH a significant length of time involving contact with retail customers or the general public, you begin to understand certain realities. In no certain order of importance:

  • Some housing shoppers genuinely want an MH

  • Some see MH as a stepping stone to a ‘real house’

  • Some see MH as the house of last resort

  • Some like what they see in MH, but they are troubled by various negative impressions (wind storms, financing, resale, etc.)

Too many MH Pros are guilty. Guilty of what, you ask?

Unwillingness to change to adapt to the opportunities all around. As a rule, those who come to MHProNews or MHLivingNews tend to be the forward thinkers, or those looking for solutions. So this is not meant as an offense to anyone, just a statement of fact.

When more MH pros become laser-focused on opening up to the many new ways to attract better qualified clients, new MH home sales levels will no longer snore. They’ll soar.

To sell more homes, one must start with twin realities.

  1. Where the consumers mind set is at, and you must be able to successfully address it, regardless.

  2. What the strengths and weaknesses about your location(s), team(s) or career.


MHI correctly notes that over 20 years, MH has averaged some 20% of the total new housing starts in the U.S.. Sadly, that’s NOT the case for the last decade. Returning to that 20% of single family housing starts figure alone would take MH to sales levels we’ve not seen in over a decade.  See graphic, at the right below.

Based upon a SWOT analysis of your location, and given an understanding of the realities-on- the-ground at your operation, you create a plan tailored to advance your marketing and sales.


Graphic credit, Reed Construction and MHProNews, based on U.S. Census Bureau data.

Here are the challenge, and the opportunities. With incomes down, with rents rising, with about 4 million boomers retiring a year (pretty amazing all by itself, yes?) once you learn how to open the minds of housing seekers in your market, your sales can roar.


Unlike some trainers and marketers, Tony has owned and successfully operated a sales center that hit the top 1/2 of 1% all retail sales centers in the U.S. nationally.  Tony has also supervised MHCs and fired up sales results for them too.   These are reality based insights, not pipe dreams.  Tony’s next public trade presentation will be the New York Housing Alliance, see link below.

On, we’ve been developing a library of video interviews that help knock down consumer’s preconceived or errant notions about today’s MH. These videos are true interviews, not commercials. They are clearly unscripted.

A serious shopper likes that, and once interested, will watch a number of those interviews and video home tours, until they are ready to go to a community or sales center.

That’s when the real work begins. As many of you know, you don’t handle the good credit or cash buyer the same as the ‘get me done’ Customer. You and your colleagues/team mates must be ready for that more upscale, credit or cash qualified buyers.

mhmsm logo mhmarketingsalesmanagement logo (1)

If you have not yet seen the Inside MH Video series, you’ve not been on lately!

With dozens of video interviews in hand, we can now start making videos that tell a story. Once they’re intrigued, they will want to see even more of those in-depth consumer and expert interviews.


Housing shopping isn’t always fun for home seekers. They may have pressures. They may be well off. But everyone has had dark moods and times.  Those realities may help you understand the ‘dark clouds’ this video begins with!

Check out this new, and already favorably commented upon video production, linked here or above. Get an RSS feed on your consumer-focused website that features It’s a free way to tap into our exclusive and otherwise copyrighted content.

For those with a budget and a hunger to advance to the next level, see why we have so many endorsements and recommendations. Then, send me a message of give me a call, thanks. We hope to see some of you at my New York Housing’s 65th annual event. There will be a special marketing and sales presentation. If you’re anything like attendees from coast-to-coast at similar presentations made, you’ll be glad you came. Learn to see things from the shoppers eye view, adapt and soar. ##

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L A ‘Tony’ Kovach has become one of the most widely recognized experts in MH marketing, sales and publishing.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

The Profitable Profit – PEP and MHE

August 22nd, 2015 No comments

The first time I heard the name of the CNBC TV show, “The Profit,” I thought the name would be spelled “Prophet.”  Analogies have long been useful as a way to explain something new to others. As a believer in the Creator, any reference made to Manufactured Housing Evangelization (MHE) is meant with no disrespect to the Almighty, nor to His believers.  It’s a way of painting a quick verbal picture of fueling enthusiasm for a product/service. Apple Inc. may become the first trillion dollar company due to their form of evangelization. That requires prophets, ambassadors and true believers.


A little altitude over a home gives you a completely different perspective. A still from an upcoming (aka featured video.

When we shoot video in the winter or early spring, people don’t stop their cars, or come out of their homes a lot to find out what’s going on. But that changes when the sun is shinning, the weather is warm and people are wondering why you are flying that video drone in their community, or shooting video with a traditional video camera.  They come out and want to talk.


New Durham Estates is a family owned MHCommunity that was developed in many phases over a period of decades. They have done forward thinking steps in operations for years, and now in marketing too.

That’s when saying, I’m with and we are here getting video for an upcoming story we will feature on your location,” brings out the smiles, good will and excitement.  People tell you how much they love their manufactured home. Residents tell you how much they love their community.  Depending on the circumstances, we’ve been known to mic someone up right there on the spot, and do a quick interview.


Once you hear voices behind you, it makes sense to turn the drone around and catch the people who are gathering to watch.  If you look closely, near the porch on the home at the far right, there are people standing, watching and talking.

Note you can shoot your own video, but then you completely lose that third party “news” impact we get by being who we are,

That’s similar to those who hear the word from another believer.  There can be value, but when another MH Ambassador or an MH Prophet stands and speaks, the reaction of people is often much more compelling.

During this recent trip, we had occasion to bump into some souls who are MH owners we’ve interviewed before.  They treat us with respect and with the warmth normally accorded to long lost friends.

There are many other reasons to have us do video with and for you.  Example. The revenue we generate from our project work allows us to do the harder news stories, including video, that helps Protect, Educate and Promote (PEP) the Manufactured Housing industry. While some in association work may not always see that complementary benefits that we bring to the table, a number of others do…and working together, we embrace the team work that moves the ball down the field.


Let me tip the hat to the forward thinkers at New Durham Estates. They use insulated skirting on their new model homes. They put nice porches and decks on their homes. They order many with upgrades, such as finished sheetrock and upgraded cabinetry. Plus, they have good background checks and do the guidelines for living in a nice way. Is it any wonder that when people buy a home there, that they end up happy?

Don’t think (just yet $) about what would happen to industry business growth if many or most of the 20 to 22 million Manufactured Homeowners became MH Evangelists.  Rather, think about what would happen in YOUR community if many or most of YOUR residents and home owners became jazzed enough to enthusiastically preach the good word about how they love MH Living.

It can transform a business, becoming an MH Ambassador, or working with the MH Prophet creates MH Profitable growth, just as it did for Apple, then Samsung and others.  We want enthusiastic home owners!  That takes a certain vision and commitment on the part of current or would-be MH Ambassadors.


It takes quite a bit of gear to do all of the various things you see on an Inside MH Road Show video.

Engaging and supporting what others have called “The Voice of MH,” or the Profitable Prophet of MH Evangelization can transform the way MH is seen in your community.


We also shot some drone video of this neighbor’s home right after we did this model home. FYI, of course, we shot video of the interior of the home itself! One secret for enhanced success is to get more people over the threshold in to see our modern, appealing manufactured homes!

One reason social media is hot, is that most people crave attention and recognition. offers a platform that gives someone their “15 minutes of fame.” That in turn boost the MHImage and thus sales.  Face it, those MH residents who love their homes WANT to have a positive image of their lifestyle.  They DESERVE the RESPECT that we bring them on through the Inside MH Road Show series of videos.

Check out the website.  Spend some time there every day, have your team do so too.  You’ll soon see why the public is getting hooked, and therefor why industry pros who see it understand its value!

It starts with you, then your team and then select customers of yours.  From there, the evangelistic fervor can take you places you may have never dreamed about. We’ll show you more examples via videos on  You can see existing ones by going to that site right now.


Some of the dozens of pros we’ve interviewed for MHLivingNews and  We’ve interviewed dozens of manufactured home owners.  No one we’ve seen has built up a bigger public collection of Pro-MH video interviews than and

Then, give me a call or send me a message that describes your interests, needs and challenges. Together, Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). ##

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (2)

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an MH Pro Marketing and Sales Educational session. You’ll see Tony at more upcoming events, try to catch one, live and in person! You’ll see why the enthusiastic applause follows.


By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.