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December 15th, 2012 No comments

We've looked at sales tips, motivators, Pinterest pages, blogging and infographics among the many tools you can use to advance manufactured housing. Today, lets look at factoids.

Factoids are brief statements of fact. When used in colored text backgrounds they can grab attention and make a visual (emotional) as well as logical impact.

The factoids above about almonds are an example used on a product package. You could use factoids to express high-impact info about your business, a community's features, your model homes, your financing plans…

…almost anything!

Influencers: Changing Minds

You can see an example of factoids on the page linked below.

Ever want to change the mind of an investor, conventional housing pro or a person of influence? By sharing the link above, you can help change minds, one at a time.

Can't beat them?

There are some old saying that you just have to "Turn it Around!" Instead of, "can't best them, join them" we need to say,

"Don't beat them, let's have them join us!"

– The Elk

By making a habit of sharing factoids or reaching out to change the minds of people of influence, you can make the acceptance – and profitability – of our Industry grow.

By adding one or two easy things to your activities a week, you can make an amazing impact over the course of the year. The alternative is to keep doing the same things, the same tired, old way and get the same result…nah, not so smart

Make the commitment now to improve yourself, your location and your company. ##

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